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What is the standard size of a work-permit?

Conventional sizes are: 86*54, 90*54, 100*70, 120*80, 130*90, 140*100mm.

Product thickness: conventional thickness 0.76mm, thicker 1.15mm.

Wearing style: lanyard, clip, pin.

Production process: Using brand new high-quality PVC board as the card base, with high-temperature laminator, laminating machine and other equipment.

Unconventional size, usually can only be made of molds or laser cut. Therefore, the actual size must be considered when designing.

It is generally worn by company staff, white-collar workers and many other professionals.


The breastplate is a kind of work number plate or small introduction sign that is hung or buckled on the left side of the jacket. Most of it is a badge worn on suits, formal wear and suits, and serves as an introduction to the unit.

Work-permit are generally issued by companies. Cards with relevant work numbers and wearer information are generally made of plastic. It is eye-catching and enhances the sense of belonging of internal employees. The main composition is company name + background picture + employee name + photo.

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