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People usually can’t help to scratch a scratch-off card which enticing them with raffles, rewards, enter-to-win or discount codes. Adding a custom scratch-off to a postcard is a perfect way to get recipients to interact with your activities. Custom-printed scratch-off cards can create excitement and help make your card and brand memorable.

If you’re interested in adding scratch-off cards for your business, we can supply great quantity of high-quality scratch off cards for you. Customize your scratch-off cards for your brand or business.

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  • Scratch and Win Cards Tickets Printing - 1


    • Product Material: Paper & Paperboard / PVC
    • Paper Type: Art Paper, Custom for more
    • Product Type: Scratch card/ scratch ticket
    • Surface Finish: Custom
    • Printing Type: Digital printing, CMYK full color

  • Custom Print Scratch Card, Low Price Wholesale

    You can use the cards for:

    • Write a love note
    • Write a lunch box note
    • Say hi to a friend
    • Give a gift
    • Teacher’s giving student rewards
    • Write your child a special message
    • Inspirational Messages
    • Scavenger Hunt

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  • Custom Lottery Ticket, Scratch off Game Card


    • Greenery and Gold Card Design
    • Various uses: Perfect for various parties or businesses.
    • Ways to Play
    • Quick Party Fun
    • CXJ Card Factory Made

  • Custom Printing Personalised Scratch-off Cards


    • Help you nicely keep in touch with your customers
    • Great quality of material
    • Perfect size for uses
    • Blank on back, easy to add information
    • Made in CXJ Card Factory

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  • Scratch Valentines Day Discount Card



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  • Features:

    Type: paper scratch-off card

    Material: Paper

    Scratch panel: 1 or more covered pin number

    Pin number: number or mixed with letters, same digit number

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  • Features:

    Type: paper scratch card

    Material: PVC / Paper

    Size: 85.5 x 54mm (credit card size) or customized

    Thickness: PVC card: 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.76mm

    Paper card: 250gsm / 300gsm / 350gsm / 400gsm
    0.76mm and 400gsm as standard or customized

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  • Features

    Material: Paper/Specialty paper; Duplex paper

    Printing: Offset printing / Screen printing / Digital printing

    Packaging: As customer wants

    Quality: Pass ISO9001 and SGS

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  • Features:

    Size and shape:  Square Design

    Color: Full color

    Thickness: 400gsm is commonly used.

    Design: Square Design

    Scratch panel: According to your needs.

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