The classification of the common video card
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The classification of the common video card

Video Cards, also known as visual copy card, it is in the standard of overlying a layer of magnetic card or a smart card can print visual repeatedly copying material, adopt the international most advanced thermal can rewrite technology, also known as visual film namely thermal film. So every time when customers check out a card can print out the consumption records and promotional information on the info, when the next consumption can also to have been erased by the content of the print and print again, not only the cardholder can be convenient to see their consumption records, stores Also can update promotional information, thus promote the two-way interaction.
A common classification video card
Video card according to the material can be divided into: common printed visual video cards, IC cards, magnetic stripe metal visual video card, video card, ID card.
Video card according to the industry can be divided into: the hotel video cards, food video cards, travel video cards, medical video card, hairdressing video cards, clothing video card, video card several net cafe.
Video card according to the level can be divided into: VIP video card, gold card members, silver card members, several common visual card.

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