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Someone who loves you maybe right beside you

Someone who loves you are actually traceable

You should also understand that love is not built by these things, it must be mixed with some necessary conditions, you can feel from the heart, is also his every move can not help but show.

Take the initiative to share your life with you

If a boy can talk a lot about you every day, happy or unhappy to meet you are willing to share with you, it shows that he has you as an essential part of life, and always put you in his heart, he is willing to be honest with you, he is willing to say some nonsense to you.

He may tell you that “today’s steamed stuffed bun is delicious”, or he may tell you that “today’s customers are difficult to deal with”, even if these words are meaningless.But in the eyes of someone who loves you, the simplest communication with you is happy.

Accept your flaws

someone who loves you

From forrest gump

Each of us is not perfect, you have a bright and gentle side, there will be 1800 kinds of small faults waiting for him to find. If he is determined to stay with you even after he finds you lazy, anxious and gloomy, it means he is ready to go with you. It takes courage to choose someone who accepts your flaws and won’t be pushed back by your little quirks. Someone who loves you.

He will not abandon your body is not good, will not complain about your bad temper, will not be entangled in your lack of understanding.Because in his eyes, you these small faults, small shortcomings are excusable.

I will spend time with you

Many people spend money on you, but not everyone has their own time for you.

Someone who loves you, will make adjustments between work and life, know what is more important. No matter how busy he is, once he loves someone, he will try his best to use some of his spare time to contact you, send you a WeChat or make a phone call to you, accompany you to a movie or eat with you after work, and be more willing to spend time cooking a meal for you.

Someone who loves you will Be there when you need to be

When you are sick, he is sure to come and take care of you.

If you are unhappy, he won’ t let you sulk alone.

If you get a promotion or raise, he will be sure to celebrate for you and be genuinely happy for you.

No matter what happens to you, good or bad, he will not abandon you in disregard, but can always appear at your side, give you a support, let you feel carefree without fear.

The future has you, and is willing to work for you

someone who loves you

From big fish

Many people promise to give you a future, but not everyone is willing to work for it. If a man is willing to give his all in order to give you a home in this era when everyone likes to shoot off, there is no doubt that he loves you very much.

Because everyone can say nice things, but not everyone can match words with deeds.

He will be very motivated, improve their own shortcomings, and you together to become a better person, in order to fight for a better future.And you also feel unprecedented sense of security in his body, the feeling is like everyone will betray you, but he will hold your hand, with you against all the unknown.

someone who loves you

From big fish

But just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

At the beginning, when I was with my boyfriend, I often felt that he did not like me at all and didn’t like me at all. Maybe he wanted to fall in love, but I happened to be suitable for him.

He won’t accompany me to fetch water. He won’t tell me whether he is pleased or not. He won’t stick with me every day.

But he will put my cold hand in his pocket, will accompany me to approach two hours he can finish 11 minutes of three kilometers, will accompany me to see the movie he does not like, will urge me not to stay up late every day to go to bed early, will let me study hard or beat me, will think I am very annoying but will not let go of my hand…(this paragraph is from a netizen on zhihu)

So, how can you say he doesn’t love you? In fact, we need to feel the heart, a someone who loves you, is anything cannot resist. I am sure that you can feel it.

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