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Raptors VS Warriors:Warriors Team Soul

Warriors performance

In the absence of Durant, no Thompson, and no Luni, the Warriors lost G3 at home.For the Warriors, there is actually not much regret.Because in the case of losing an MVP player, an All-Star and a best center, it is impossible to beat a team with a true strength of 60 wins or more.Not to mention the opponent not only did not make much mistakes, but also some players who played beyond expectations.

But what is not unexpected is only the result, and the process is still not the same as expected.The Warriors’ final offensive score is similar to that of the G1G2. Instead, the defense is broken through and there are many problems.There is no doubt that Luni’s role is underestimated. The Warriors’ other three centers have problems. Cousins is particularly disappointing. Some of Nas’ offensive adjustments also target the Warriors’ center weakness.This may be the problem that the Warriors still have to face after Durant returns.

Warriors Team Soul

And what I really want to say now is Curry.

Strong, too strong!Curry really cut 50 points as some fans expected.I really didn’t expect it, because you can’t achieve high productivity while maintaining high efficiency without any space support.Curry scored 47 points and also had a true hit rate of 63.2%. The 7 assists also far underestimated Curry’s offense against other Warriors.It is no exaggeration to say that as long as Curry is present, the Warriors’ score will have more or less a relationship with him.Even if he doesn’t consider his space point value, his direct involvement in the offense will probably score more than 80 points.

I really don’t exaggerate Curry’s performance. This is a game that almost puts all the conditions that are not conducive to the offense.The difficulty faced by curry is unimaginable. On the basis of possessing various special abilities, he has issued a super-strong fighting spirit in the crisis of the team and set off the team in a fiery state.Yes, the Warriors didn’t win, and they didn’t drag the game into overtime, or even entered the real key moment.But Curry saved the warrior attack that almost no one can save, he is the team soul of the Warriors!

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