plastic luggage tags

Wholesale Hard Plastic Luggage Tags For Travel

plastic luggage tags

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Wholesale hard plastic luggage tags for travel

Travel bags are printed with custom graphics and information on plastic luggage tags, and signature areas can be written to consumers’ information. There are many people on the road every day. People take their bags or suitcases with them on business, travel or migration. But, have you ever lost your luggage by mistake or lost your luggage at the airport or train station just because your luggage is welcome, there are so many copies? What an embarrassment! Now people are always looking for something new, modern and revolutionary. Our plastic PVC luggage tag will meet your requirements. Sizes and shapes can also be customized. Customize your own plastic PVC luggage tags to keep your luggage special. Unique plastic PVC luggage label printing, you will never forget the appearance of plastic PVC luggage label!

PVC luggage label printing

  • Single or several item options
  • Full color printing with signature board
  • Complete packaging, including string, tag and OPP bag.
  • Keyhole punch with ID window.


Standard ISO9001:2000
Size 85.5 * 54mm or customized
Thickness Standard 0.76mm, available 0.2~2.0mm
Shape As requested
Printing Offset printing, screen printing or compounding
OEM Available
Usable handicraft
  • Bar code EAN code 13, code 39, code 128
  • knurling
  • Inkjet number
  • magnetic stripe:loco,hi-co
  • Common lamination for reprinting
  • protective coating,
  • Spot ultraviolet
  • H. scratch-off panel or signature panel
  • Gold/silver background
  • Gold/silver gilding

Packaging and transportation

  • Packing details: white BOX: 6 * 9.5 * 23cm 250 PCS/BOX, our carton: 14.3 * 24.5 * 51cm, 10 boxes/ctn.for wholesale hard plastic luggage tags.
  • Delivery details: 5-15 working days for aircraft baggage tags.

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