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How PVC Gift Cards Improve Your Business

How PVC Gift Cards Improve Your Business

If you’re wondering how to increase your sales on business, consider giving your customers PVC gift cards. These plastic cards can be used for exclusive events or as unique access to a venue. They can also serve as a referral tool and encourage first-time purchases, repeat business, and customer retention. Service-related businesses can also benefit from giving their customers PVC gift cards.

Word-of-mouth advertising

One of the best ways to build your business is through word-of-mouth advertising. It is the oldest and still the most effective method of advertising. Ensure that you ask for referrals often and stay in touch with your existing customers. For example, many personal services businesses send holiday cards to their customers and offer discounts for referrals. In addition to attracting new customers, gift cards are great for building brand awareness. People who receive these cards will be curious about your business and your products and services. This type of word-of-mouth advertising is priceless.


PVC is a type of plastic that is used in many different products. Its uses range from credit cards to hotel key cards to vinyl siding for houses. It is also commonly used in shower curtains and mattress covers. Its main drawback is that it is difficult plastic to recycle. It contains heavy metals and is not considered to be safe for human consumption. The environmental impact of PVC gift cards is another major disadvantage. The material is highly toxic and contributes to global warming. It also contains substances that are potentially carcinogenic. Many PVC gift cards are not recycled, causing them to escape into the environment and pollute it. Because of this, paper mills have developed environmentally-friendly substitutes made from paper. These paper cards are designed to be more environmentally friendly and still provide the same amount of durability as PVC cards.


Reusability of PVC gift cards for businesses is an increasingly important issue. In the United States, over two billion cards are purchased each year. However, they are almost always thrown away after they’ve been redeemed. This waste causes a significant environmental impact. Over fifty million pounds of PVC enter the waste stream every year. And since most curbside recycling programs do not accept PVC, these cards will most likely end up in landfills. However, a growing number of retailers are moving towards biodegradable paper gift cards to help ease the disposal process. For example, a customer may purchase a gift card for $50 at a restaurant. The restaurant vendor then activates the new card in the POS system. The POS remembers the available balance on the card and adjusts it accordingly. Then, the customer can load more value to the card. The update of the value is automatically reflected in the POS system. As a result, reloadable cards make it easy to maintain a steady flow of credit and build brand loyalty.

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