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Are There Other Material Options Besides PVC Cards?

The common material of the cards we use is PVC. Because of its good wear resistance, high temperature resistance and good coloring properties, it is used in the production of PVC card. The produced cards are PVC cards, which we can also call plastic cards. So in addition to PVC cards, are there other materials? Of course, PVC is commonly used mainly because of its low cost, and it can meet the production of cards.


PET Card and PETG Card

What about these two materials? In fact, in conventional card applications, it is not commonly used, but it does not mean that it is not used. It is just that compared with PVC cards, these two materials are used less. These two materials have good folding resistance and high temperature resistance. The temperature of PVC is higher, but the relative production cost is higher. It is difficult to distinguish PET and PETG made into cards if you don’t take a closer look.


ABS Card

ABS material is mainly used in our key chains, which is our common NFC key tag, which is mostly used for access control. Cards made of ABS have the common properties of the above three materials: heat resistance, high hardness, high elasticity and toughness. Therefore, ABS plastic is a material with easily available raw materials and good comprehensive properties.


Metal Card

If you feel that the cards made of PVC cards are not good-looking, you can choose metal cards. Metal cards give people the feeling of high-end atmosphere. The metal card is an imitation gold card made of brass and stainless steel. Metal cards are made of different materials such as gold cards, silver cards, rose gold and black gold. In addition, there are stainless steel materials in the category of metal cards. The use of these materials makes the metal card stand out from the crowd.


Coated Paper Card

This material is mainly made into paper card, which is low in production cost and environmentally friendly. It is also deeply loved by users and has been widely used. Common use of paper cards: game point cards, scratch password cards, one-time recharge cards, etc.

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