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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Cards

Whether you are a security at an event or a bar, your job is to check every person’s identification because you are required by law to verify the age of the person.  Generally, credit cards are used to execute deceitful activities such as to withdraw funds from your account without your authorization, procure goods in your name, and to get hold of bank loans and open another credit card account, therefore leaving all debts and credits for you to clear. Credit card identity theft is simply a category of identity theft, for which your credit card is used as a means for illicit purposes. Lost or stolen wallets and purses is perhaps the most common way through which credit card identity theft could occur.

Credit card identity theft or credit card fraud has now come to be one of the serious problems confronted by the US Law agencies. As per the studies revealed by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft is obtained via stolen wallets. A legitimate credit card company never gives you a phone call out of the blue to request for your credit card information. Here starts the plight of poor credit card holders, while thieves use it cloned information for unscrupulous purposes. Besides these, thieves also count on conventional options to retrieve your credit card information.

So if you get a phone call requesting for your social security card number and credit card number and expiry date, be careful as it may be the first step adopted by thieves to retrieve your sensitive information. Raiding your mailbox by criminals is another common way through which your credit card information could be stolen. In some example, thieves even search trash to gain your credit card and other vital information. Via online, as scammers use high tech viruses as well as Trojans to track and record your critical information many people become victims of credit card identity theft.

Subsequently, to decrease the chances of credit card identity theft being careful is one of the best ways. Different types of identity theft involve: Credit Card Identity Theft; Social Security Card Identity Theft; Driver’s License Identity Theft; Medical Identity Theft; Criminal Identity Theft and Online Identity Theft. According to the studies reveled by credit card companies, about 50% of identity theft occurring in the nation is obtained via stolen wallets.

It is because thieves primarily use your information such as credit card and social security card number to withdraw more cash, thereby leaving debt on your name. In most cases, you may not be attentive that you have become a prey of identity theft at first, and you may come to know only when credit card companies, creditors, or collection agencies notify that you have not cleared your debts.

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