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Luggage: dad, can you hurry up? Airline luggage tags: don’ t worry

Airline Luggage Tags Prevent Your Luggage From Being Lost

How do the people get home this year? I chose to take a plane because I could not get a ticket to the high-speed rail. But the most annoying thing about flying is to check the luggage before departure and the luggage claim after arrival. Because there is too much luggage. But how do you find your luggage in all kinds of suitcases? Airline luggage tags play a big role.

So what’s on the label? In order to enable hurried passengers to find their luggage quickly and accurately, the general label will allow passengers to fill in:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Telephone

These tags are not only for the convenience of passengers to find their luggage but also to avoid taking the wrong luggage or losing it.

airline luggage tags


Not long ago, Ms.Chen, who works in an accounting firm was placed on a business trip. When she took a Sichuan airline plane from Beijing airport to Chengdu Shuangliu airport. Upon arrival, one of the checked bag was found missing. Coincidentally a week later, when the manager of her department came to Chengdu to meet her, the manager’s luggage was also lost in the consignment.

A woman took flight CZ3121 from Haikou to Beijing, only to find her checked luggage was missing. And the baggage inquiry office of domestic of Air China told her that her baggage has been founded after the thing lies between half a month. But the baggage of 15 kilograms leaves 1 kilogram only, the clothing inside the parcel, food disappears completely.

The airline admitted that due to the luggage transport checked luggage labels of passengers have not been seriously implemented. Resulting in passengers mistakenly pick up and lost luggage incidents occurred from time to time.

This shows the importance of airline luggage tags.


Our common airline luggage tags is usually square

square air baggage label

square air baggage label

Custom personalized tags

Custom personalized tags

You can also customize luggage labels or patterns to suit your needs

Custom pattern tags

Custom pattern tags

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CXJCardFactory remind you: The limitation of liability for loss, damage, destruction or delay of luggage is established by the Montreal convention. The maximum amount per passenger is 1,000 SDRS, unless the passenger, when delivering checked baggage to the airline, specifically declares an interest in delivery at the destination and pays a surcharge if necessary.
For the domestic flight segment that constitutes international transportation, baggage compensation shall be handled in accordance with the applicable provisions on baggage compensation for international transportation. This applies even if the domestic and international leg of the trip are not on the same ticket, and passengers pick up and deliver their luggage on both flights.

colorful custom printed pvc cards
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The thickness craft of PVC card process


The production of custom printed PVC cards are not only important for various processes, but also its thickness cannot be ignored. The international standard of bank card is 0.76mm. The thickness commonly used by customers include: 0.15mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.84mm, 0.9mm, etc.

PVC card, just as the name implies, is made of PVC materials. The characteristics of PVC materials are: lightweight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, simple construction, etc.

Common custom printed PVC cards are of 0.76mm thickness, which can be reflected on the card surface no matter what craft you use, such as convex code, spray code, marking code, bronzing gold, silver stamping, labeling, magnetic strip, bar code, laser mark and other personalized craft.

Of course, there will also be thinner than this to make membership card, VIP card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card,ect. But if the thickness is less than 0.5mm (including 0.5mm), some of its craft will not be adopted.

For example, the convex codes cannot be realized on these thicknesses, because the convex codes press numbers on the cards with high impact pressure. If these thicknesses are punched with convex codes, the problem of cracking will be caused.

Therefore, if the custom printed PVC cards are made with a thin process, it cannot be convex. Of course, if the card is too thick, for example, 0.9mm or above, the convex code craft also cannot be adopted.

Other crafts can generally be achieved in any thickness, so when making PVC cards, special attention should be paid to the thickness of cards, and appropriate thickness should be selected according to the functions of the products you want to achieve.

If there is no special customization requirement, CXJ Card Factory adopts the default international standard thickness: 0.76mm thickness to produce your product. custom pvc cards, white pvc cards, cr80 pvc cards, loyalty punch cards, plastic punch cards are allowed at