Chinese Green Card
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Chinese Green Card: Changing VIP Card to Traffic Permit

Stephon Marbury was shooting, he was one of the 1576 foreigners who got permanent residence status in China(Chinese Green Card) in 2014.

Chinese Green Card

Chinese Green Card

The figure source: The New York times Chinese website

Foreigner Permanent Residence Certificate, commonly called Chinese Green Card, known as the green card that is most difficult to get in the world. According to the data, China announced that there were only 7300 foreigners approved to get Foreigner Permanent Residence Certificate from 2004 to 2014. Although China has absorbed part of excellent overseas immigrants, these immigrants were mainly a small number of high-level talented person. Some scholars think that China may consider extending the scope of granting Chinese green card to attract more different levels of talents, and fill Chinese job vacancies in various fields.


It is reported by New York Times newspaper that the total number of foreigners who got Chinese Green Card reached up to 1576, a 163 percent increase from the previous year, which reflects the promotion of Chines talents introduction.


More than a thousand Chinese green cards issued one year is far from enough relative to the demand for Chinese huge population base and urgent top talent introduction. Some foreigners who have lived in China for many years and have made great contribution have to use work vise all the time, some even have to leave China after the expiration of work visa because they can’t get Chinese green card.


Some observers note that the sheer grant number of Chinese green card is very limited, and the majority of Chinese green cards are occupied by ethnic Chinese, celebrities and top notch, although it has met the needs of part of talent introduction since it was established in 2004, it remains far wider than the original intention of setting Chinese green card — attracting foreign outstanding person, serving for national development.


One key reason is that the setting rule of Chinese green card is different from that of foreign green card.


The annual issuance of permanent resident status in America and Canada is very high: the total number of immigrants of America reached one million people in 2015, and the total immigration quotas of Canada reached up to 0.3 million in 2016, even up to 0.33 million in 2017. Those green cards were all issued based on the guideline — total quantity control, categorization, and will adjust the rule according to the change of situation, people who meet the standards may apply for permanent resident status, and it will be issued after strict assessment program, the cardholders may enjoy quasi-national treatment in working, residence, the education of their children and some other aspects with green card and work card, however, whether they could find a suitable job, how much they are paid? How is the position? These are completely market conduct.


While Chinese green card is exactly reversed: it is not issued to people who apply to enter China, but to foreigners who have worked in China for many years and hold the high position, although the three criteria–living for enough time, senior executives, wage standards have been modified for 8 years, the big principle has never been changed.


If consider a simple analogy for Chines and foreign green card, then foreign green card is traffic permit, you can enter a country in a quasi-national identity only after getting the green card; while Chinese green card is a VIP card, which is an award with some VIP privileges issued to foreigners who have achieved success and won recognition, VIP card is now extremely popular, as it has brought much convenience to our life, and widely used in various markets, its main material is PVC, so sometimes we can also call it PVC card. Here by the way, if you would like to purchase high quality plastic PVC cards, you may take a look at CXJ website, CXJ is specialized in producing and marketing of PVC card and smart card, their products will bring you different wonderful experience.


Chinese green card is supposed to provide convenience for talents introduction, but it is limited by the location of VIP card, due to this limitation, Chinese green cards are got by those successful foreigners in China, these people have been introduced successfully, while people who need it most feel difficult to get the car.


In order to make full use of boost of Chinese green card in attracting foreign excellent talents, It is imperative to use the experience of other countries for reference, based on the needs of domestic talents and gap, set the corresponding major, education background,etc for people who apply for Chines green cards, and ready to adjust it according to requirement change. In addition, categorization is also very necessary.