Plastic Business Card
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PVC card material types

Plastic cards are often used two materials, one is PVC, one is ABS, PVC is the most widely used card material. PVC is PolyvinylChloride short, PVC material is a plastic decoration material is polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, the mixing, rolling, vacuum, etc. Craftwork.

PVC card manufacturing process, including a film, production PS version, printing, magnetic stripe, laminated, printed signature strip, punching, post-processing (play convex code, flat code, bar code, marking labeling, Stamping, etc.), quality control, packaging and other processes, the company’s latest acquisition of German Heidelberg printing PVC card, with high printing precision, accurate color reproduction, shipping And fast, while improving the traditional fabrication process, to effectively prevent the color deviation PVC card, the card surface scratches, deformation and other common quality problems. The Division specializes in production and Process was optimized to increase the scratch, anti-distortion, anti-mistakes procedures to ensure that every factory a PVC cards are in line with ISO9001 quality system standards.

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