4 color offset printing
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Our new four color offset printing-Heidelberg

Hello, everyone!

I am Cherry from Chuangxinjia Group Co.,ltd. Here i will introduce to you some device from our company, first of all. The first member is the four color Heidelberg offset printing machine.

The most important thing is the productivity of our machine, here i will tell you the higher the order number, the greater the capacity per hour, for example, when the card qty ≤100.000pcs  our productivity is 550pcs sheets and when the card qty ≥100.000 our productivity is 8000-9000pcs. In a word, for bulk production, qty over 100k cards.

The following is some simple introduction of four color Heidelberg offset printing.

Four Colour Heidelberg Offset Printing
The principle of Heidelberg offset printing machine has the following three points:
1, text copy, 2, network imaging, 3, oil and water do not mix.

Features Of Heidelberg Offset Printing Machine:
1.The Rubber roller using three point suspension technology, pneumatic clutch pressure, the
pressure will be adjusted well for the accuracy and reliability, and the roller adjust will not  affect each other, this protect the roller bearings properly.
2.External high-precision helical gear driver and walk-way iron cylinder to ensure a stable
pressure of the printing and delivery of a  smooth rotating, to ensure the large printing  and
very clear mseh work print  or copy well, including the small text printing.
3.The whole machine use the way of self-lubricating to ensure that all gears and bearings both in the boot of lubrication at the same time when you operating it.
4.The whole unit of the ink supply Composed by 15 rollers, which including 4 different diameter
rollers side by the edition, the system responds quickly,  good ink absorption function, the ink duct controlled by the ink subcontrol key, also can be adjusted by separately, will not affect each other to ensure the enough ink reservoir and uniformity smoothly. The ink and  water will be
controlled electronically, they are all clutched pneumatically.
5.Professional high-quality and reliable feeding system ensure the paper feeding smoothly and
accurately.Semi- automatic version Loading, printing version was controlled or adjusted
electronically,this shorten the time of version installed and adjusted,reducing the requirements
for operators.
6.The machine with the function of synchronization hydropower, when the speed of host-run version changes, then motor of lubricating also changes the speed at the same time.

Coding Device:
The largest number of levels: 7*7=49
Most vertical numbers: 5*8=40
Pressure Rice Vermicelli minimum distance :Knife- Telegraph Group: 25mm  Steel lines of :5mm
Local resin printing dimensions: drum: 90*345mm
The first part of:30x40mm
A device Mexican roll number: 6(roll dwell 2 )

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