How to identify pp, pet, PVC materials?
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How to identify pp, pet, PVC materials?

PP, pet, PVC three materials relatively close from the appearance, more difficult in practice to distinguish between the three. Plastic box manufacturers to recommend a method for the identification of the three now that burning identification method: Take a small amount of material to ignite, observe the combustion, the flame status, and the smell from the fire situation, then we can control the following table.

PP is easy to melt dripping, yellow on the lower blue, smoke continued to burn less oil flavor

PVC is difficult to soften the yellow under green, smoke from the fire extinguished pungent smell

PET is easy to soften the blistering, orange, a small amount of smoke from the fire slowly dies sour

Another way is through the color of plastic, visual brightness of pp, pet, pvc and other materials:
1, PP material: Polypropylene abbreviation PP, non-toxic, free of heavy metals, environmentally friendly materials, more transparent, slightly milky. Softer.
2, PVC high transparency, non-environmentally friendly materials, transparent white, PVC pale blue in the sun. If you have a white crease to fold them.
3, PET compared PP, PVC material more transparent, is environmentally friendly materials, three kinds of material put them together, PET material most translucent.

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