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What are your expectations for the upcoming Avengers IV?

I just finished watching Avengers 4 on April 24, and I went back in time to tell you about it.


[* Spoiler Alert *]

If there’s anything different from what happened two months later, it means I’ve crossed the wrong parallel universe.


Ant-man managed to escape the quantum realm only to find that his friends had disappeared and he had to drive all the way from San Francisco to New York to find his captain.

Banner still doesn’t understand why hulk isn’t willing to fight. Black widow explains what’s happening on earth to captain marvel, but there’s nothing she can do.

On the surface, captain America says he believes they can save everyone.

Iron man almost gave up hope, recorded a suicide note and waited to die. Nebula says I can live without oxygen.

Hawkeye’s family was gone, and the hero was left to wander.


Captain America: any other ideas?

Thor: I’m going to hunt down Thanos

Rocket Raccoon:+1

Ant-man: I’m going to make a time machine

Banner: + 1

Captain marvel: I’m going to find iron man

Black widow: +1… Forget it. I’ll find hawkeye

Captain America: good, everyone has a mission. I have a support group tonight. Bye bye.

3、Start Off

Five years later

Ant-man and banner make a time machine, captain marvel brings back nebula and iron man, black widow brings back hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon and thor find the Thanos.

Thanos: killing me won’t save everyone.

Thor: no, we’re just here to talk.

Rocket: can you revive my friends?

Thanos:If it were that easy, I would have resurrected Gamora.

Thor:That makes sense. Let’s go.

All return to earth. After a brief reunion, they decide to travel back in time, collect six Infinity Gems and destroy them to rewrite history.Armed to the teeth, the avengers gathered around the shuttle.

Hawkeye: how does this little machine fit all of us?

Doctor: this machine is bigger inside than outside.

Black widow: captain, this will work

Captain America: I know it will, because if we fail, there will be no next spider-man.

All: wise captain!

Captain marvel: I’m not going. I’m going to help the scroogs find their home. Bye.


Across all the success to a decade ago, iron man, Ant-man and the team in New York City beat Chitauri brought about by the army, retrieve the universe rubik’s cube and rocky staves, the thor back to Asgard get real gems, war machines to find Wang to get the time gem, nebula and the rockets beat he get power gems, black widow and banner to soul gems of the planet.

Black widow: : are we the only couple left in the marvel universe?

Banner: The writers kept us on purpose just to break us up

Hulk: No!No!(change)

Black widow: Hey big guy, Sun’s getting real low

Hulk: Hulk doesn’t push natasha, hulk likes natasha, natasha pushes hulk!

Black widow: hulk is a fool!Hulk won’t die!Quickly pushed me

Hulk: no!Hulk does not push! Hulk smash![smashes black widow, gets soul gem]

5、Decisive Battle

When the avengers return to earth for a gem destruction ceremony, Thanos suddenly arrives 10 years ago with his army. He defeats the avengers and gets six gems.The avengers fell to the ground, some dead, some wounded.Thanos pinched thor and put the precious stones into Infinite gloves one by one. He laughed and said, “I told you so. You will die for it.

Thor: you should cut my head off

At this time, Mjolnir flew towards Thor, and Thor caught it, swinging Mjolnir against Infinite boxing gloves. Six precious stones and Infinite gloves all fell apart instantly. The universe is safe.

6、Go Home

The living avengers travels back to the future, and all the people who were killed by the Thanos are there, seemingly totally unaware of what happened. ‘Do you think there are too many people in the world? ‘ Says Stan lee as he walks by with his dog. ‘How about half as many.’

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