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Why Do Some People Like To Collect Custom PVC Badges

Custom PVC badges are like stamps.Each unique label may represent an era or a culture.Custom PVC badges are charming.

Last year, there was an exhibition in New York’s Washington square called “Images As Virus”, which was an exhibition of customized PVC badges of punk. This exhibition featured work by artists such As Barney Bubbles, Jamie Reid, Peter Fischli, Peter Saville, Malcolm Garrett and Linder Sterling.There are also The Buzzcocks, Ramones, Crass, Suicide, Joy Division, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Modern Lovers, Industrial Wombats, FAST Product, The Raincoats, Motorhead and other bands with rare original peripheral badges.

“I didn’t have any money to buy the records I wanted.One day I happened to see a Scars’ Adult – ery/Horror Show ‘single badge, as long as one yuan, from now on I fell in love with badges “Kevin Pedersen said.

Punk badge collectors don’t buy a bunch of mass-produced knockoffs.Printing, toning, batch Numbers, and laminated surfaces are not reproducible.

The punk badge has changed from an ornament pinned on clothes to a collection pursued by punk music enthusiasts. In my opinion, collecting badges have become a little ritual in life.Punk badge brings more fun and social opportunities to many people in its unique and cheap way. The punk culture it carries also represents the life attitude of collectors.

A small badge carries different memories and ages.CXJ Card Factory makes high quality custom PVC badges for you.If you need anything, please contact us.

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