many cards the same size
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Why Are Many Cards The Same Size?

Hospital diagnosis cards, ID cards, bank cards, membership cards, library cards, bus cards, etc. are stacked together and found to be many cards the same size. Why?

many cards the same size

many cards the same size makes it easy for you to put these things into the wallet instead of large and small round cards, square cards, trapezoid cards, and the wallet designer knows how fit the card is, making wallets and Card manufacturers only need to purchase a model.

This is of course the credit of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The international standard for bank cards, ID cards, and bus cards is called ISO7810 and is divided into ID-1, ID-2, ID-3, and ID-000.

PVC card size

The ID-1 standard is often used for bank cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc. Many merchants have introduced membership cards and loyalty cards with this size, which is convenient for customers to buy. ID-2 is slightly larger, and the French ID card uses this size. Some passports, visas, etc., which require clearer photos, often use ID-3 sizes. The shape of ID-000 has shown what it does.

PVC card size

These four sizes are close to the golden section and are the most beautiful rectangles.

Of course, not all cards are the same size, there are also 43% smaller mini cards and irregular shaped cards.

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