smart room cards instead of mechanical keys
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What is the opening principle of hotel room card ?

At present, most hotels and hotels implement electronic access control systems. The so-called electronic access control is what we often call the “room card system”.

So, what are the benefits of the room card? It is worth the hotel to spend several times more expensive to replace all mechanical locks with electronic locks?

room card system

All the room cards, when they arrive at the hotel, are blank — they have no information in them. Generally, hotels will take out a few cards (depending on the size of the hotel to determine the number), through the card issuer, the opening time of the card set a little longer, as a service card and management card use. Other cards will be placed at the front desk for guests who need to stay.

Classification of hotel room cards is not complicated. The most common classification is induction and non – induction – type room card. And further classification, and can be divided into IC card and ID card. Each card has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Some details need to be paid attention to during the production.

Induction type room card, naturally through the induction to open the room door. In the production of room card, you need to know whether your hotel is suitable for the use of induction room card to open the door.

room card

Non – induction room card, is inserted through the card slot to open the door. Open the door through insert card slot, although not as convenient as direct induction, but also have their own advantages.

room card

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