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What is the ISO standard about magcard?

Magnetic card is the use of magnetic carrier record with digital and English information, is used to identify the identity and purposes of the card. So, what kind of ISO standard of the magcard?
1. ISO 7810:7810 identification card physical properties
Rules on the card’s physical characteristics, including the material, structure, size card.
Magnetic card
The size of the card : width 85.72 mm – 85.72 mm
Height 54.03 mm – 54.03 mm
Thickness0.76 + / – 0.08 mm
Card corners radius of 3.18 mm
Tell commonly card size is: 85.5 X 0.76 X 54
2. ISO 7811-85 took identification card recording technique Part 1: embossed
Specifies requirements for an embossed on the card character (character set spacing and the height of the characters, fonts, characters).
3.The ISO 7811-85 identification card: in the recording Part 2: magnetic stripe
The characteristics of the magnetic strip on the card, coding technology and coded character set.
4. ISO 7811-85 and identification card recording technique Part 3: ID – type 1 card on the position of the embossed characters
5. The ISO 7811-85 and identification card recording technique Part 4: read-only track 1, 2 track position
6. The ISO 7811 – from 85 identification CARDS recording technique Part 5: reading and writing the track 3 track position

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