IC card reader
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What is the IC card reader?

IC card reader has a lot large storage capacity, good security, small, easy to carry, etc., IC card reader can be widely used in finance, transport, taxation, social security, business administration, health care, telecommunications, tourism, catering , in areas such as public utilities and security. IC card reader using high quality surface mount technology. Rich upper layer interface functions and interface, it can be easily applied to a variety of IC card reader-based system integration.

IC card reader is composed of MCU, keyboard, display and monitoring circuit. Put the IC card reader chip on a card, the card into the IC card reader in the deck, IC card reader can read and write it, achieve encryption, inquiries, deposits, withdrawals and other functions.

IC card reader is a non-contact IC card reader equipment, IC card reader connect with the PC via the USB interface, 5V single power supply or from the keyboard, which supports RF card access full functionality. The IC card reader device used in access control, time and attendance, meeting attendance, highways, tourism, parking, bus fees, shopping malls consumption, membership system and various application systems issuing system.

IC card reader have a strong demand in the current market, wild application areas, in support of market and technology, IC card reader market is worth developing. I believe that with the rapid development of IC card reader technology , IC card reader will be applied in more fields.

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