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What Is A Laser Card?

There are many processes for PVC cards.Many people ask what are laser cards?Now let me introduce the laser cards to you, hoping to help you know more about the laser card.

Laser card is comprised of transparent film layer, pattern printing layer, laser pattern layer.The intermediate layer of laser card contains chip layer, the upper and lower layers are transparent film layer.Pattern printing layer is located between the chip layer and the transparent film layer.Laser pattern layer is located between the chip layer and the pattern printing layer.The laser pattern will present the special reflected morphing pattern on the card with the change of Angle and light. So the laser pattern is an anodized layer

Laser cards are made of special PVC material, which is called laser PVC.Laser card is printed with laser PVC material and has the feeling of golden flash from different angles.Through special treatment, color printing to achieve partial or full plate laser effect, laser part gorgeous and colorful.

Card printing material is special laser PVC material, the color is colorful, high-grade gorgeous.It is the first choice to make high-end membership card and a VIP card.At the same time, we can also make an IC card or ID card according to the requirements.

Through the above study and understanding of laser cards, have you understood what is a laser card?If you want to make such a laser cards, you can contact us immediately.

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