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What is a color portrait ID cards?

Color portrait ID card that is personal photo printed on PVC card (shape, quality and bank card is exactly the same), it is the result of high temperature and pressure laminated PVC cards. PVC portrait card can be not only a different color photo, name and other personalized information printed on the card, and have changed the plastic card features a single, easy to fake, easy to damage, easy to open plastic, not waterproof and other defects, forming Now the second floor together securely, waterproof, high color, gloss, abrasion resistance, toughness, no delamination, can not afford the film, do not fade, versatile features, and face recognition can be taken attendance, access control, consumer and other functions in one.

Color portrait ID card belongs personalized cards, each card surface are recorded with different information and content. Color portrait ID card production in two ways: 1) use thermal transfer card printers print directly on the surface of the blank card, the higher the costs; 2) the use of color ink-jet or laser printer, the print content to a dedicated PVC The on-chip group, with lamination method, after pressing, punching, red card produce the finished product.
Color portrait ID card is the most popular card. The cards can be printed on personal color photo, name, number, title, logos, organizational unit name, bar code, etc., and an unlimited number of absolute picture quality, clear and realistic. It can be used for various types of work cards, access cards, badges, membership cards, temporary residence card, passport, etc.

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