porters in the Mountain City
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What Are Some Of The Lesser-Known Occupations In The World?

Chongqing, China, there is a special group of rural people who wear simple clothes and carry a stick in their hands.They are porters in the Mountain City.

porters in the Mountain City

The business scope of porters in the mountain city has big commodity, be like furniture home appliance, also have a few small vegetables that the citizen buys,the price also is shot casually, a few words will price finalize.The owner of goods led the way empty-handed, and they followed,carrying the goods.

porters in the Mountain City

Chongqing people are not afraid of them stealing things, they are honest and trustworthy, they have their own work ethic.They worked from the countryside to the city in their own hands, a stick and a pair of shoulders. Their hard work provided convenience for thousands of families.

In Chongqing, porters can be seen everywhere, the number is very large, there are three or four hundred thousand, ranging from teenagers to 50 or 60 years old.

Groups of porters could be seen at every stop of the bus.

However, with the progress of the times, there are many new industries, making people’s life more and more convenient. Now there is no porters in the Mountain City.

Everyone in the world has a different lifestyle, and they are probably happier than we are.

The porters in the Mountain City carry the heavy burden of the whole family with their thin shoulders and deserve to be respected.There are still many people who work hard in our lives, whether it’s the delivery man, the street cleaner, or the worker toiling in the hot sun, every occupation deserves respect.

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