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Want To Print Custom Business Card? You Have To Know These First

Business cards are a must-have item for business people.print custom business card with a personal style that makes the other person impressed with you is an important means of building contacts and improving work performance.

However, many people don’t know much about business cards.

What materials are there for business cards?

What are the styles of printed business cards?

What should I do to print custom business card?

Read on

Business card size

Commonly used size in China:90×54mm

American common size:90×50mm

European common size:85×54mm

Standard folding card size:90×95mm

It can be a horizontal version or a vertical version.

If the width is a little narrower, then the business card will look very chic.

Selection of paper and printing process

1.Coated paper

The most common business card is 300 grams of coated paper, paper thickness of 32 microns, 300 grams of coated paper is also the most common business card paper.

coated paper


On the basis of ordinary coated paper, it is also possible to add a lamination printing process. The lamination can protect the graphic on the business card, make the business card more durable, and has a choice of light lamination and matte film.



3.The polish

If there is a higher demand for texture, you can add a “glazing” process, also known as UV printing, on the basis of coated paper, which is the way of UV glazing using UV ink or UV powder. Give the business card a raised gloss.It’s a low-key luxury with connotation~



If you want to be more high-end, you can also use the “gold-plated” process, the common is hot stamping, hot silver, hot laser. Absolutely make your business card extravagant.



The above describes the way of processing and printing on coated paper. Print custom business card, we also have PVC business cards and metal business cards

5.PVC card

The pvc business card is mainly made of a vinyl polymer material as a carrier, using screen printing technology, combined with hot aluminum and other processes to produce a special business card. It is translucent and very modern.

pvc buiness card

6.Metal business cards

Metal business card, generally refers to pure copper material, thin as paper, tough as steel, very flexible. There are many colors such as gold, silver, purple, blue, and brown. Looked very high-end.

Metal business card

Business cards are very formal. In the more solemn occasions, business cards are exchanged, showing respect for each other. In dealing with business, we must have a respectful attitude so that we can take our business to the next level.

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