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Those small designs that protect the environment, every detail is very loving

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of environmental protection, and many companies have also promoted the concept of “green” in product research and development. Here we have compiled a wave of environmental protection designs to see how they protect the environment in their daily lives. .

A coffee shop abroad provides a solution. Customers spend two minutes to clean up the garbage on the beach spontaneously. A bucket of garbage is exchanged for a drink, which is environmentally friendly and saves money.

Eco-friendly coffee shop

In addition, the card manufacturers also break the traditional impression, the new production process with wood as raw material, has a certain environmental protection effect than the traditional plastic.

Environmental protection wooden card

The traditional six bottles of beer are all in plastic packaging, and Danish merchants use glue to stick them together! Don’t underestimate this little invention. In Denmark alone, you can save 150 tons of plastic a year.

New packaging of cans

In addition to serving as a meal, banana leaves can also be used to make ice cream cups.

Other wonderful uses of banana leaves

A certain university recycles the back of the waste materials printed on one side into notebooks and sends them to students for use.

Paper recycling

The most environmentally friendly egg packaging, completely original!

Environmental protection egg box

Many charging stations in public places can use manpower to “generate electricity”. If you want to fully charge your mobile phone, just ride a bicycle for a while!

Power bike

In fact, after seeing so many heart-warming and loving small designs, I personally think that environmental protection must first start from the individual. Then the sense of social responsibility undertaken by enterprises and society will further enhance the concept of environmental protection for the whole people. For example, card manufacturing companies are changing the wooden cards developed by the traditional card making concept has a certain degree of waterproof and temperature resistance due to the characteristics of the wood itself. Under the condition of achieving the same function as the traditional card, this move can greatly reduce the use of plastic. I think if you wanna protect the environment,maybe you can start with the use of wooden cards!

Wooden cards of various woods



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