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Bank card: the difference between IC card magnetic card

How it works

Explain the difference between IC card magnetic card from working principle

Magnetic stripe card is a piece of PVC card coated with a layer of magnetic particle material.People input information into magnetic cards by using recording head to express certain information, which is then stored in magnetic tracks.It is also read by the aid of a record bin.In fact, magnetic cards work like tape recorders work like magnetic tape.

The iC card is a piece of PVC card that contains intelligent chip.Smart chips can store data and can encrypt it.Its working principle is to send a group of electromagnetic waves to the IC card through the external equipment.The card contains a LC coordinator circuit with the same frequency as the transmitted frequency.In this way, under the excitation of electromagnetic waves, the LC resonant circuit generates resonance.When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used as a power source to provide operating voltage for other circuits, and the data in the card can be transmitted or received by the reader.

Their different roles

The difference between IC card magnetic card is more in the role that differs with them.

Magnetic stripe cards have been widely used with bank cards.The magnetic stripe card usually has a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. When we use the bank card to spend money, we use the recording head of the card reader to read the magnetic stripe card and then re-magnetize the magnetic stripe.

Usually the most common IC card is the bus with the bus card, passengers do not need to put the bus IC card out of the bag, you can buy a ticket.

Their strengths and weaknesses

The advantage of magnetic strip card is convenient reading and writing data and low cost.The disadvantage of magnetic card is easy to wear, easy to be other magnetic interference, poor security.(Our blocking card can completely solve this shortcoming, click here.)

Compared with magnetic cards, the information of IC cards is stored in the chip, so that it is not easy to be disturbed and damaged, and its service life is longer.At the same time the chip information capacity is also much higher than the magnetic card, in the storage of personal data is more advantageous.But its drawback also is very apparent, the cost is higher, additional, after relative magnetic card is damaged or missing, fill do not easily.(high-quality PVC Card of CXJ Card Factory can solve this problem)

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