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How PVC Cards Are Made Before Your Buying?

Common materials for PVC cards are divided into ordinary materials and transparent materials.

The application range of PVC cards is very wide, which can be divided into magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, scratch cards/password cards, etc.

The international standard uniform size of PVC card is 85.5mm×54mm, and the thickness of ordinary PVC card is 0.76mm.


PVC card production process:

– Printing: The white PVC material is printed in four colors by a printing machine, a digital machine or a UV machine, and it can also be screen printed.

– Synthesis: Laminate the laminated PVC card material to be laminated correctly in the upper, middle and lower order, put it into the machine feed port platform and push it into the machine, the laminated PVC card is automatically cooled by the fan, and Ensure that the pressed material is not deformed.

– Printing signature strip: The signature strip is printed by screen printing technology.

– Card punching: Cut the card carrier into craft corners or other special shapes.

– Other processes: Cards with other process requirements can continue to be reprocessed by other processes such as bronzing and UV.

– Code printing: Emboss code, laser code, UV code and inkjet code can be produced according to requirements.

– Quality inspection and packaging: manual quality inspection to ensure card quality and packaging.

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