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Merry Christmas


annual Christmas is coming

Christmas is just a few days away.The people in the street said merry Christmas to each other.Many christians go to church on Christmas Eve.They celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.Christian pastors say the world needs peace and understanding. That’s the spirit of Christmas.Church services include traditional religious songs for the holiday, the most popular of which is “silent night.”

In the west, Christmas is equivalent to our Chinese Spring Festival, many people think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.I think you are immersed in the holiday enjoyment. The Christmas atmosphere is everywhere.

A few days before Christmas, the average American family spends about $800 cleaning their homes, selling unwanted items through stalls, and then buying important items.Shops and shopping centres are packed at Christmas time, with spending exceeding 20 per cent a year.

Children also like Christmas because they expect Santa Claus to come on that day.Children believe that Santa Claus is a fat, kind, old man with red clothes and a white beard.On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is pulled by reindeer sleigh across the sky.He slid down the hole in the fireplace, went into every house from the top, and put presents for the children under the Christmas tree.

On Christmas Eve, everyone will dress up the Christmas tree.Families gather in the living room and sing Christmas songs around the tree.The Christmas tree is filled with Christmas presents. People exchange presents and express their wishes and love.In addition, the community church will organize Christmas “good news”, and the choir will sing Christmas carols in front of the Christian’s door, and then the host will welcome the choir to their home with snacks.If you’re interested, you can join “good news.”As the choir went from house to house, the faithful kept adding the “good news,” and the joy continued until two o ‘clock in the morning.

Merry Christmas.