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Another Use of Cards? Reject “Weight Shaming”

An online group dedicated to encouraging people to love their bodies has created a card that says “please don’t let me weigh” so patients can tell their doctors they don’t want to be weighed unless it’s medically necessary.

According to the British “Times” report on the 21st, the group lamented that modern people live in a society that fears obesity, and “being asked to weigh and talk about weight can cause stress and shame”. Ginny Jones, editor of the organization’s website, wrote in the introduction to the card: ”

You can keep it in your purse or pocket to remind yourself not to put yourself on the scale. If it’s hard to tell, you can give these cards to a health care worker and it will Help you explain why you or your child doesn’t want to be weighed.” According to the introduction, the back of the card lists the reasons and circumstances in which the patient may not necessarily be weighed in the diagnosis.

The website also shows that whether you are an American or an international person, you can get five business card-sized cards for free for about $1 in postage. At present, some surgeons in the United States have accepted the card.

This should be considered a very unique use for cards. A card is usually made of PVC, plastic, paper or metal materials, and has a wide range of uses. Not only can it carry a lot of information, but also chips can be added to it. Realize intelligence. While it is convenient for people’s work and life, different design styles are added to the card, so that the card can also have a good viewing experience.

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