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Smart luggage tags: will completely end luggage loss

CXJ Card Factory produces smart cards and PVC cards.Now we can put them together as a traceable smart luggage tags that will put an end to lost luggage once and for all.

luggage loss worries

If you’re a travel expert, you probably won’t be checking bags forever.But most people can’t do that, like you can’t make a woman realize the importance of minimalism anyway.

While most of the luggage was eventually found after it was lost, some did not officially go missing until 30 days later.But if you think you’re going to get compensation from the airline right away.Here’s more bad news for you:The department of transportation says refunds can take one to three months, and the maximum amount you can pay for lost luggage is $3,400.

The international air transport association estimates that between now and 2036, the number of air passengers will increase from the current 4 billion to nearly 8 billion.Airports around the world handle more than 4.5 billion packages a year, and that number is set to double in the future.Many airlines have improved their luggage handling capabilities.Alitalia, for example, increased luggage handling time by 13% at Rome’s Fiumicino airport.SITA confirmed that aeroflot now has a real-time location for all the luggage in its system.

Smart luggage tags will protect your luggage

When we look at the use cases for smart luggage, the ability to locate where your bag is is most important.Each bag will be tracked at check-in, loaded onto the plane, transferred, and then arrived.Tracking luggage at these four points and sharing this data among all stakeholders allows airports and airlines to locate each package.It also helps identify luggage that could be mishandled and interfered with to ensure that luggage is properly delivered.

When the smart luggage tag is paired with our mobile APP, passengers will be notified when the luggage arrives at the claim area.

This prevents overcrowding at luggage claim.

CXJ Card Factory

PVC luggage tag can be chip, product details please click.CXJ Card Factory has the most powerful business team, the professional technology factory.We can assure you that every shipment is of the best quality.Provide you with the best smart luggage tags, contact us immediately!

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