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Scratch card print production requirements

A scratch -cards is special artworks of plastic cards. When a code is required to access the card value, the custom scratch off cards are the perfect solution. Our scratch off cards can customized according to your special requirement. Both rectangular and circular scratch off cards are available. We also have different thickness for plastic scratch off cards. Nowadays, scratch off card printing has been applied to many fields such as phone card industry, popularity with gift cards and loyalty cards.
Scratch card are also called password-coated card, card account or debit card passwords. scratch card password are the main categories and prizes, voucher type, open type, self-adhesive, rolls, and so on.
So what are the requirements for a scratch-card printing?
1)scraping open appropriate: scraping card due to its scraping coating has its important of information or awards, so coating of scraping open performance is scraping card quality of important reflected, should ensure more easy scraping open, but and cannot too easy scraping open, too easy scraping open words, on will makes scraping card in production and the circulation link easy was mill off scraping layer, to effect its using;
2)better quality printing: scraping card printing correct, and fine, printing quality is its show products image of part, printing should meet print of quality requirements;
3)the correctness of the contents: contents of the scratch cards must be complete and accurate and clear. If it is a scratch, and should detail the award information, cash, time and validity Notes;
4)security measures: scratch cards in design and production, should take fully into account their security, should ensure that security measures can effectively prevent others to bulk forged over time.

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