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In addition to the luggage label, other essential items for flying

Small items can make a big difference when flying.The luggage label is one of them. What else is there?Read on

On the plane


A must-have item for long-haul flights and high-speed trains. Sleep more comfortably, especially if you’re economy class.Nap pillows can also be used to make your trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

 Foam Ear Plugs

When someone’s baby is crying, someone is snoring and you can’t sleep, you need these noise-cancelling earplugs to help you block out noise and sleep.

 Eye mask

Wear an eye mask to protect your eyes from light and help you sleep better.

An empty cup

It’s very dry on the plane and you need to rehydrate often, but water doesn’t get through security.It is recommended that you bring your own empty water glass. Please remember to go to the water dispenser to fill it after you pass the security check.In this way, not only can the plane at any time to drink water, drink can also ask the flight attendant to refill water, will not waste the paper cup on the plane, very environmental protection.

A thin coat or scarf

Blankets are not usually available for short flights. Some airline blankets are available for an extra fee.The female takes a shawl to also be right choice, still can be when thin be covered, be afraid of cold must not forget.


Off the plane

Passport protection cover

Flying requires a lot of certificate and you need to organize it centrally.Prepare a passport protective cover, in also need not hurry-scurry seek certificate.

Luggage lock

It is very important to have a strong and reliable luggage lock when traveling abroad.It is recommended to buy TSA certified luggage locks. Without TSA customs lock, the customs can’t use the universal TSA customs lock to open the luggage, and then the luggage will be forced to open its own lock by the customs inspector.

Luggage label

Luggage label play a big role in travel.Fashionable appearance and bright color, suitable for any luggage, and when the same as other people’s luggage, it is easy to distinguish their own luggage and other people’s luggage, personal information can be filled in the card, even if the luggage is lost is also convenient to contact the owner.

customizable luggage tags

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