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Remove pressure and move forward with ease

Pressure is very big how to do? How does Remove pressure?

How to remove pressure, want to understand the source of pressure first.

Now let me make an assumption.

Imagine a person running 10,000 meters on a dark, empty island.

He did not know how long steps he had run, or how long he would run.

Every time you run 50 meters, 100 meters, 1,000 meters, no one knows exactly where you’ve run and how many meters you have left.

No progress bar, no feedback, no communication, no company, just like this, he kept running, running, running, running to a goal that will never be achieved…

How does it feel?

Imagine a person running on a sunny track

10000 meters, there are scales on the track, he has the referee, there is a family, there are good friends to accompany him.

Every time he finishes 50 meters, the referee will tell him: “you have run 50 meters, you are a little bit closer to the target.

Every time he ran 100 meters, his family and friends was told to him: “you have run 100 meters, very good ah, we have seen your efforts, come on!

He knew better, and his step hardened. Keep running, keep running, another 200 meters, another 300…

So for every distance you run, you get feedback; get feedback every distance you run.

How does that feel?

In fact, these two people do the same thing, are running 10,000 meters, but their psychological feelings are completely different.
This is where the pressure comes from.
When you set out with a very big goal and don’t get a single positive response after a long, long effort, stress becomes a dark cloud that clouds over your mind and overwhelms your will.

Put down the pressure

It’s not the goal itself that traps you. It’s your imagination of the fear.

The brain loves to amplify fear. Don’t let your brain fool you. Therefore to Remove pressure  the most fundamental, is to seize a few points:

  • Break a big target into smaller ones.
  • Create positive feedback for yourself, and get one for every step you take, so you’ll be tempted to stick with it.
  • Change the unitary evaluation system.
  • It is not right to do.
  • Think carefully about the purpose of putting so much pressure on yourself and what you really want.
  • Be patient with yourself, see yourself as you are, and learn to accept your imperfections.

The room of the soul, does not clean will fall full of dust. Dusty heart, will become gray and confused. We just have to experience a lot of things every day, happy and unhappy, are settled in the heart. The thing in the heart is much, can become disorderly and disorderly, then, the heart also follows disorderly rise. Some painful emotions and unpleasant memories, if filled with the heart, it will enable the public depressed. So, sweeping dust, can make the heart to become bright; clear things, to bid farewell to upset; throw away some meaningless pain. Happiness has more and more space.

Put down the pressure

If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll never get anywhere. Try to remove pressure and move forward with ease.

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