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PVC cards, membership cards, VIP Product Knowledge

With the rapid development of global information technology, all kinds of PVC cards quickly into applications. Bank credit cards, mobile phone SIM cards, public telephone cards
And other card applications are closely related to people’s lives. Card in plastic based materials, and gradually increase the current paper-based materials. Plastic materials
The main material is PVC, a small part of the PET, ABS material.
The main application of PVC cards are:

Magnetic Card: a bank credit card, debit card as a representative;
IC card: bank payment CPU card, mobile phone SIM cards, public telephone cards, medical insurance cards, subway cards, campus /Business Card, personal ID cards, prepaid cards canteen;
Barcode cards: library card, toll roads and bridges, the membership card;
VIP Card: shopping malls, hotels, clubs and other membership cards; prepaid card: mobile phones, fixed telephone, electricity water gas, Internet access and other large-scale use.

PVC card manufacturing process includes several steps 20 printing, laminating, cutting, etc., the use of automated equipment to complete most of the process, a small part of the process must be done manually. In PVC card production process, the card color control technology, surface finish control technology is a fabrication plant must master the core technology.
PVC PVC card production materials accounted for 80%, currently there are some companies use PET, ABS and other environmentally friendly materials cards, using PET, ABS materials comply with environmental requirements, but fabrication costs are higher.
PVC industry in China is an emerging industry, the developed countries have decades of history. Although China’s card industry late, but with the development of information industry, is developing rapidly. World-card industry has gone from basic barcode cards, magnetic cards to IC card historical stage of development. As the market competitive reasons, the major manufacturers in order to achieve a variety of commercial publicity and promotional purposes, planning and production of a large number of membership cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, shopping cards, consumer cards, calendar cards. Some companies even put their company’s product certification, warranty cards are made of PVC, and many enterprises and institutions work permit, also made of PVC card form, to improve the image of the unit. Now our lives are almost inseparable from the card, and go to school when there are campus card, a work permit to work there, the unit canteen or meal card, as well as health insurance card, social security card, bank card must of course be unavoidable. We can say that the card has penetrated into every industry went inside. Because of the huge card market needs, a large number of Chinese card companies mushroomed emission. Until now China has become the world Shenzhen PVC card industry’s most advanced and largest production base, 70% of PVC cards all over the world in the production of Shenzhen, China.
Currently barcode cards, magnetic cards due to the small amount of information stored, the card itself is not enough security and reliability, with the card amount is gradually declining. IC card is due to its large storage capacity, safety and reliability, wide application areas, etc., rise rapidly with the card amount. Many special industries such as government agencies, financial and insurance industry safety requirements are particularly high, CPU cards more popular in the future development.

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