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PVC card surface technology

The standard specification of PVC card is: 85.5 54 0.76mm(length width thickness), there is the difference between laminating and non-laminating. Ordinary PVC card surface technology is simple, four-color machine printing, thermal bonding, punching.PVC magnetic stripe card, IC card intelligent chip card and other processes are relatively complex, such as: add signature bar, embossment no. hot stamping, hot silver, laser, magnetic strip, bar code, lithography code no.During the use of equipment is more.The following introduces several generic types of PVC card surface technology.

In terms of color

Screen printing PVC card

Screen printed PVC card is the most common printing method, the traditional process, the operation is more complex.but the equipment investment is less, the application range is the most widely, in the PVC card occupies a large proportion.Screen printing business card printing is commonly used to make gold and silver cards. only suitable for mass production of simple content of various types of CARDS and printing card back signature bar.such as simple text and graphics, cannot print high-quality color patterns.

Color offset printing PVC card

Color printing PVC card is one of the most widely used PVC cards. such as all kinds of phone cards, bank cards, IC cards, etc.It is mass production in general.using a dedicated PVC card four-color printing press or imported four-color printing machine to print on a single layer of PVC card material.then laminating, punching card, writing magnetic, braille and other processes. the early printing equipment investment is very large.And the process is complicated, requiring large printing presses.Suitable for large quantity of cards, low cost.However, it is not possible to print a color portrait card. It is impossible to print personal information such as unique photos and names on the card.So the scope of use is restricted.It is generally printed by four-color printing machine and UV offset printing ink, with bright color.good definition and high quality, suitable for mass printing.


In terms of portraits and fonts

Hot stamping silver PVC card

Hot stamping silver card is the use of special hot stamping machine will be the text and graphics hot stamping on the surface of a PVC card. forming a very shiny metal PVC card, generally used to make the VIP card, loyalty card, VIP membership card.

Color photo PVC card

There are two ways to make color photo PVC cards. One is to use a heat transfer card printer to directly print on the surface of a blank card, which costs more.There are two ways to make color photo PVC CARDS. One is to use a heat transfer card printer to directly print on the surface of a blank card, which costs more.The other is the use of color inkjet or laser printer.the content will be printed to the dedicated PVC card, and then laminate method, through hot pressing, punching, punching card to produce finished products.Color photo PVC card can be used for, chest card, business card, medical card, work card, membership card, discount card, student card, etc.


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