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  • Features:

    Type: paper scratch-off card

    Material: Paper

    Scratch panel: 1 or more covered pin number

    Pin number: number or mixed with letters, same digit number

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  • Features:

    Type: paper scratch card

    Material: PVC / Paper

    Size: 85.5 x 54mm (credit card size) or customized

    Thickness: PVC card: 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm / 0.76mm

    Paper card: 250gsm / 300gsm / 350gsm / 400gsm
    0.76mm and 400gsm as standard or customized

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  • Features

    Material: Paper/Specialty paper; Duplex paper

    Printing: Offset printing / Screen printing / Digital printing

    Packaging: As customer wants

    Quality: Pass ISO9001 and SGS

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  • Features:

    Size and shape:  Square Design

    Color: Full color

    Thickness: 400gsm is commonly used.

    Design: Square Design

    Scratch panel: According to your needs.

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  • Features:

    Impress your recipient

    Great gift idea

    Promotion product

    Customizable card

    10 in 1 design

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  • Features:

    Products type: plastic/paper scratch card

    Material: paper

    Size: ISO CR80 Standard:85.5mm*54mm or on demand

    Thickness: ISO standard 0.76mm, else available others

    Available crafts: Full color printing, scratch panel, signature panel,

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  • Custom PVC Luggage Tags | PVC Bag Tag


    1. Easy to add information on it.

    2. Transparent & waterproof.

    3. Durable and strong, makes traveling easier, safer and secure.

    4. A nice decoration for your memorable journey.

    5. Can be used as your key ring or on your backpack.

    6. Perfect for family travel. Great travelling gift.

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  • Blocking Card Privacy Guard Contactless Card Protector


    • Advanced technology
    • Wide range of uses
    • Super practical design
    • Best gift

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  • RFID Blocking Card Rfid Credit Card Protector


    High Security

    Reliable Technology

    Compact and Stylish


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