Make blank magnetic stripe cards
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The Correct Process For Make Blank Magnetic Stripe Cards

Common production for Make blank magnetic stripe cards:

1.The magnetic stripe card can be designed according to the materials provided by the customer, or the design draft can be provided by the customer.

2.The thickness of the magnetic stripe card is generally 0.30mm to 0.76mm, 0.76 is the standard thickness, and other thicknesses can be made.

3.The standard size of the magnetic stripe card is 85.5mm*54mm, and it can be made into other sizes.

4.The magnetic stripe card can be printed on one or both sides, using silk or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.

5.You can spray different numbers, PIN codes or text on each magnetic stripe card.

6.Magnetic stripe card can be added with the signature strip

7.The magnetic stripe card can make a convex code, and the convex code can be bronzing or hot silver.

8.You can make a circular hole or a strip hole on the magnetic stripe card.

9.The number of the magnetic stripe card can be arranged in order, or a personalized, irregular number can be made.

11.The surface of the magnetic stripe card can be made of matte or glossy.

12.The magnetic stripe card can be made of white PVC material, or it can be made of frosted transparent material or completely transparent material.

Make blank magnetic stripe cards needs to know these:

1.Use the calendar file to place an order, and replace the effect with a bitmap. Words, symbols, and patterns are replaced by curves.

2.The rounded corner of the card is 12 degrees.

3.The distance between the magnetic strip and the inner frame edge of the card is 4mm, and the width of the magnetic strip is 12.6mm.

4.The position of the convex core design cannot be pressed to the magnetic card on the back or the magnetic strip will not be used.

5.The thickness of the line must not be less than 0.076mm, otherwise it will not appear.

Pay attention to the following items before placing an order:

  • Explain how many cards need to be produced in total, indicating special requirements.
  • Does the card number need to be bronzing, hot silver or non-hot? Does the back need several signature strips? Does the number “4” or “7” need to be removed?
  • Since the card printing carrier is different, the printed product and the computer display a certain color difference.

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