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How to prevent forgery of membership card? Introduction to Membership Card Anti-counterfeiting Methods

With the technical progress, membership cards are getting better, there is not only a single identity, but also charging function, consumption, discount prices and bonus points. Many merchants often worry when they create membership cards whether they are used by customers or used by fraudulent merchants to use them to fake counterfeits, which is an important question in manufacturing.The following editor of Chuangxinjia card manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation.


One of the simplest security features of the customer’s marketing, it detailed members, customers of verification under for customers, such as customers, customers, when tomorrow at 3 p.m. directly search electronic photos, and that. This artificial censorship allows traders to store as much information as possible for their members during the memory card.


The password is entered through the general membership system, which is required as a password to enrapture membership cards. In this case, the password will be used without further ado. According to the hardware hardware, an encrypted dog must be encoded to encrypt membership cards that also serve as protection.

How to increase anti-counterfeiting in the production of membership cards? For example, make anti-counterfeiting labels and stick them on the membership card. When designing the layout of the membership card, it increases the design difficulty and adds some small aspects of the design, such as shading design and special font design.printing-holograms

For the anti-counterfeiting method of membership card production, I will share with you here. Different membership cards have different levels of confidentiality. Nowadays, with the development of technology, cards with low confidentiality can easily be copied and stolen by criminals, so they are already in production. It is not only necessary to choose a high-secure membership card chip, but also to set up anti-counterfeiting measures on the surface of the card to enhance the anti-counterfeiting security of the card in two aspects.

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