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How to avoid being swiped by POS machine?

Theft case

Case 1:

On August 24, 2018, Mr. Li received a text message informing him that his bank card had four cash withdrawals and two purchases totaling more than 70,000 yuan.In September, Mr. Wang’s bank card was also stolen, totaling more than 15,000 yuan.

Upon investigation, it was found that the two victims had travelled together.When checking into a hotel and swiping a bank card to pay, the Criminal gangs demanded that the victim re-swipe the card or pay cash, citing a broken POS machine.After a period of time, criminal gangs use fake CARDS to withdraw cash for consumption in different places.

Case 2:

In the night market, two men and a woman carrying a black bag walking around without shopping behavior, behavior is very suspicious.When one of the men approached a crowd with a black bag, he quickly opened the bag in a hidden position to operate the POS machine.

Analysis & solution

In the first case, the gang modified the POS machine.When the victim swipes and enters the password in the modified POS machine, the bank card information and password will be copied.Subsequently, according to the stolen data produced false card,Spend in different places.

In the second case, the suspect used the chip bank card for small transactions, without the payment function of entering the password, and covered each other in the public area with large flow of people.Use the disguised POS machine to sense the bank card in the owner’s wallet, so as to swipe others’ funds.

How to avoid

  1. When entering the password, prevent the password from prying.
  2. After entering the password, please be cautious when citing “machine failure and password need to be input twice”.
  3. After consumption, carefully verify the merchant information shown on the credit card record and the actual consumption situation, and immediately change the password.
  4. If not required by business, carefully open the function of non-secret payment.
  5. Use the shield card with anti-nfc function to avoid the amount in the card being swiped.
  6. Select CXJ Card Factory.

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