How Many Functions of PVC Card Do You Know?
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How Many Functions of PVC Card Do You Know?

Do you know the functions of PVC card?

The development of the information age has brought great changes in various fields. Therefore, in the smart card industry, various PVC cards have rapidly entered the application field, such as bank credit cards, mobile SIM cards, public telephone cards and other cards. People’s lives are closely related. In fact, these cards are mainly made of plastic materials, and the plastic materials are mainly PVC materials, and there are also a small part of PET and ABS materials.

The main applications of PVC cards:

  • Magnetic stripe card: represented by bank credit cards and savings cards;
  • IC card: bank payment CPU card, mobile phone SIM card, public phone card, medical insurance card, subway card, campus/enterprise card, personal ID card, canteen recharge card, etc.;
  • Barcode card: library card, highway and bridge tolls, membership card;
  • VIP card: membership card for shopping malls, hotels, clubs, etc.;
  • Recharge card: mobile phones, landline phones, electricity, water and gas, Internet access, etc. are widely used

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Other types of PVC card:

The production process of PVC card

The production process of PVC card includes more than 20 processes such as printing, lamination, punching, etc. Most of the processes are completed by automated equipment, and a small part of the process must be completed by hand. In the PVC card production process, the color control technology and surface finish control technology of the card are the core technologies that a card manufacturer must master.

The production material of PVC cards is PVC accounting for 80%. At present, some companies use PET, ABS and other environmental protection materials to make cards. The use of PET and ABS materials meets the requirements of environmental protection, but the cost of making cards is relatively high.

Trends of PVC Card

At present, due to market competition, major manufacturers have planned and produced a large number of membership cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, shopping cards, consumption cards, calendar cards, etc. in order to achieve various commercial promotion and promotion purposes. Some enterprises even make PVC certificates and warranty cards for their own products, and many work certificates of enterprises and institutions are also made into PVC cards to improve the image of the unit.

The above is the application function of PVC card, if you want to know more or customize PVC card, please feel free to contact us!

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