Metallic brush craft
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Do You Know The Metallic Brush Craft?

Metallic brush craft is a metal working process. Under the action of an external force, the metal is forced through the mold, and the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed to obtain a cross-sectional area shape and size, so that it changes shape. A tool of size is called a wire drawing die. For example, in the cable industry, the 8mm copper rod is made of a copper large drawing machine, and the copper rod is drawn into a copper wire through a set of (5~8) drawing molds from large to small, such as 3.5mm, 2.0mm, and the like. Machining surface treatment: Wire drawing is a method in which the wire is reciprocated by drawing, and the surface of the work piece is rubbed back and forth to improve the surface smoothness of the work piece. The texture of the surface is linear. It can improve the surface quality and cover the surface with slight scratches.

In order to break through the designer’s restrictions on the use of decorative materials and meet more creative needs, in the new century, human beings affirm themselves and explore the unknown, develop and design a combination of knowledge and technology – Gold and silver brushed metal panels.

Metallic brush craft like regular option metallic gold  brush, metallic silver brush, Snowflake sand, sandblasting surface, It can fully reflect the heavy metal feeling that gold, silver, etc. are difficult to express in other sheet materials. Gold and silver are rich colors are symbols of identity and status.

The main metal materials used for gold and silver brushed metal plates can be divided into aluminum, copper and stainless steel. They are matte, mirror, three-dimensional, embossed and special with the texture, luster and characteristics of the original metal form. The veneer metal hollow surface is treated with a variety of different surfaces. According to the designer, it has a brilliant effect on different occasions.

The surface of the edited metal plate has the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, chemical resistance and anti-smoke. Appearance, due to the special bright surface of the product itself, in order to avoid tarnishing due to friction, it is recommended to apply to the horizontal surface with less friction, or the general vertical surface. In addition, this product is recommended to be used in a dry, or not often wet, moisture is not too heavy to maintain product stability. Metal surface drawing can well cover the mechanical marks and mold clamping defects in production.

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