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Design a perfect membership card

Want to design a perfect membership card needs to pay attention to what?

A perfect membership card is the image of your company, at the same time a perfect PVC membership card will attract more new customers and retain your old customers, it can improve customer loyalty to the enterprise. and a good VIP card is more convenient for you to spread the company’s brand !

Make your mind the perfect membership card, need to pay attention to the following points, please read carefully.

Code: It could be a flat code, spray code, small convex yards, convex codes. Convex code size can be hot or gilt silver. Note that convex code cannot be vertical row, non-standard card can not play convex code, matte (frosted card) can only play spray code, can not play the flat code, can not play bar code.

Card thickness: if not specified, the standard thickness of the printed VIP card is (0.76mm).

The VIP card will print out a slightly different color effect than the one shown on the computer monitor. Even if you see the same design on different monitors, the effect will be different. For example, it will be different from liquid crystal display (LCD) and ordinary display (CRT).

Words, symbols and patterns should be turned into curves.

Due to the card printing carrier is not the same, so the printed product and the computer display or print out the color manuscript will have a certain color difference. Printing is based on the CMYK color book for color. Computer screen color and printer printing color cannot be used as printing color.

Shading or background color setting should not be less than 8% to avoid printing without rendering the finished product.

Non-standard card need to open mold. The construction period is long and needs to pay extra mold fee. Non-standard card cannot play a flat code, can not play a bar code, can not play convex code, can only play spray code.

Convex code cannot be played vertically (that is. Convex code cannot be parallel to the short side of the card, but only to the long side).

Matt (frosted), laser, with transparent materials, packaging bags and other additional charges. Special instructions should be given when placing an order.

PVC membership card design size is 88.5mm 57mm(including bleeding point), finished product size is 85.5mm 54mm.

The format of the file is CORLDRAW9.0 or PHOTOSHOP.

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