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What’s the difference CPU card,IC card,ID card?

Their definition

As for the difference CPU card, IC card,ID card, let’s understand their definition first.

In a broad sense, IC=integrated circuit= integrated circuit card

Want card to have integrated circuit only (chip), can calculate IC card actually. ID card also calculates.

However, we often hope that the chip in the card cannot only record an ID number, we also hope that the chip can store information, do some encryption and decryption calculation or even logical operation.

At this point, we can narrowly define the former is an ID card, the latter is an IC card. Among them only hardware encryption and decryption ability, we call it the logical encryption card, have the logical operation ability, we call it the CPU card.

That definition out of the way, let’s move on to the physical structure

In addition to the substrate and chip, the main is the antenna. According to the interface points, cards can be divided into three types, here we assume that is a single chip card

  1. Contact type (no antenna)
  2. Non-contact (with antenna)
  3. Compound type (with antenna)

Summarize the difference CPU card, IC card,ID card from two aspects

Antenna: ID card work at the frequency of 125KHz, and the inductance value of the antenna is about hundreds of micro-hz. In terms of structure, there are many coils in the antenna, usually dozens of coils. IC card and CPU card antenna are the same, are working at 13.56MHz, the antenna inductance value is a few micro Henry, generally 2-8 coils.

Chip: ID card is basically just a memory, the chip is the simplest. IC card chip is the circuit that much encrypted attestation. The CPU card is the same as a small system, including a COS system.

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