Community access cards
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Community Access Cards Is A Radio Frequency RFID Card Or A Magnetic Card?

Community access cards generally have two types, one is a key card, and the other is a pvc card type.

Community Access Cards

key card

Community Access Cards

PVC card

Chip differences

Both of these access cards can be loaded with chips.Generally, as a chip for a Community access cards, there is ID chip, IC chip, or cpu chip. In the issue of April, we talked about the difference between the three chips from the definition and physical structure. This time we talk about the difference between the three chips as the access card.

ID access cards:An ID card is a non-writable proximity card.When the ID card is shipped from the factory, the code number of the chip can not be changed. Each time it is used, only the card number of the ID card and related information are read.Like the magnetic card, the ID card only uses the “card number”.In addition to the card number, the card has no security function, and its “card number” is open and bare.Therefore, the ID card is an “inductive magnetic card.”

IC access cards:IC card is another kind of information carrier that appears after magnetic card.The IC card refers to an integrated circuit card. Generally, an ordinary IC card uses a radio frequency technology to communicate with a card reader that supports an IC card.The IC card stores information through an integrated circuit in the card.The security and confidentiality of the IC card is good and it is not easy to be copied.The information on the IC card can be read, modified, and erased at will, but all require a password.

CPU access card:The CPU card is also called a smart card. The integrated circuit in the card has a microprocessor CPU, a storage unit (including RAM, ROM, EEPROM) and a chip operating system COS.It is also a type of IC card, but the CPU card is better than the IC card.

All in all

In the past, many community used ID cards as community access cards. However, due to the shortcomings of ID cards and the reduction of IC card costs, many communities now use IC cards as communities access cards.IC cards are highly secure and are not easily copied. Second, the cost is not high and everyone can accept them.If you want a more advanced access card, you can choose to use the CPU card.

Among these three types of access cards, IC and ID cards are classified into RFID radio frequency cards, so now the community access control is basically a radio frequency card.As for the magnetic card, there is very little for access control.

The above introduces the access cards of the three chips. If you want to know more card information or custom access cards, please call us now!


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