transparent plastic business cards
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Plastic Business Cards: Why Your Business Should Use Them

Today, one thing that will give you and your business the best chance to become a paying customer who left a lasting impression
Printing business cards has always been one of the best methods.
In selecting a large paper stock. You can view all of our card options. There are times companies want to use a unique card, such as a plastic card. You can view our large selection of plastic cards
We offer two types of plastic business cards; a thick 30MIL PVC card and a thinner 20MILl plastic card. These cards can leave a lasting impression on the people you interact with, which in turn can make your company the first one that comes to mind when they need your product or service.
To better understand how the business could benefit from the use of plastic cards, we have listed below some of the features, it differs from the standard printing paper business card.
·  These CARDS are very durable. Typical plastic card has a longer service life than the traditional paper stock card, this means that your client will retain them longer, your company’s contact information on the card, will last as long.
·  Plastic card can give a person leave deep impression. They can have a unique design, which in turn makes it easier for your customers to remember your business. Contact our graphic designer, let us help you design your plastic business card or your next print project.
·  When you hand out They leave deep impression. Plastic card memory card is more rare than paper, and the matter, as long as you find them out. This will automatically enable people to your company as a is different from other people.
·  they have a subtle perception value. Plastic feeling is similar to a credit card, this means that the customer to your company, when they contact or plastic card was associated with higher value.

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Simple Introduction Of Chuangxinjia

Established in 1999, ShenZhen ChuangXinGia smart card co., Ltd was specialized in producing and marketing of pvc card and smart card.

In 2008, our company engaged in designing and researching of RFID antennas. In 2009 Huizhou ChuangXinGia RFID tag Co., Ltd was established.

In 2010 Shenzhen ChuangXinGia RFID tag corporation was founded, a high technology enterprise which engaged in researching as well as producing and marketing of system project, application equipment and end product.

In July 28, 2011 Shenzhen Chuangxinjia smart technology Co., Ltd was officially established.
In possession of three modern and high standard production line.

PVC card production line with monthly output of 40,000,000 pieces cards: Brand-new CTP machines and brand Heidelberg offset printing machines, 12 compounding machines.
Antenna production line with monthly output of 30,000.000 pieces cards: roll to roll printing machines, compounding machines, machines for erosion and engraving .
RFID end product production line with monthly output of 800,000,000 smart cards and 600,000,000 RFID tags: reversed assembling machines compound die cutting machines, laminating machines.

Plastic MembershipVIP
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PVC card standards

1: PVC card body material
Card material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyvinyl chloride fatty acid PVCA
Positive and negative (in print design and description of the surface) of the cladding or EUC for the transparent PVC film.
In fact, refers to the manufacture of PVC card card card-based material is PVC material.

2: PVC cards printing standards:
(1) card body front printed pattern specified by the user or commissioned the design of the Company;
(2) fonts, a clear pattern;
(3) anti-glare and anti-card body red laser penetration.
(4) opposite the card body including text description, serial number, expiration date, card number, passwords, etc.. Specific content according to user needs.
(5) print clarity, accuracy, positive and negative range of printing, can not have two or more than 2 to 0.2 mm length of the dust spots, dots with dirty air bubbles and other anomalies point.
(6) print content without breaking pen, no glitches;

3: PVC material card Size
Length :85.48-85 .72 mm.
Width :53.92-54 .02 mm.
Thickness: 0.76 mm greater than or less than 0.02 mm.
Base radius: 3.18 ± 0.3 mm.

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PVC Card types

The type of PVC card with a magnetic stripe, called a magnetic stripe card (such as bank CARDS) and chip called a chip card (id card, for example, monthly bus pass), of course, the so-called article barcode card, (such as all kinds of the scorecard, point card, IP card).

PVC printing card is a small user base material for the most part, is also the key is to make small batch card material, its basic principle is that vinyl chloride polymer coated printing layer (high glossy photo paper – back in basic principle is similar to the plastic), it has the ink color reproduction and the computer screen, fast drying, waterproof, and other functions, make prints glossy photo paper than the consistent degree of good.Large manufacturers in the production of dry, dust-free environment often print.Have used silk screen coating the small factory.

High quality white PVC card printing materials, uniform coating, white surface, the printing image, high resolution, good color reducibility, and laminated film has good response.

Some low quality PVC white card printing materials, uneven coating, granularity, it is not easy to printing ink, color reproducibility is poor, and even print image has a negative stain phenomenon, and the use of the printing ink has a certain relationship. The Select purchased a larger plastic manufacturers, quality is stable, no matter big players, said the little companies said to try.

Plastic PVC Card
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What is the PVC card ?

PVC material, the Chinese name: PVC
English name: poly (vinyl chloride)
Stabilizer in PVC materials often used in actual, lubricant, auxiliary processing agent, paint, impact resistant agent and other additives.Have no flammability, high strength, good resistance to climate change and the geometric stability of.

PVC card printing function is to print the diversity of color design and bright color effect made this card, because.Size, color, design is various, highly decorative, can be in the walls and ceiling of the bedroom decorate, the adornment of the most widely used material used in plastic materials.PVC material is a kind of plastic decorative materials.PVC is shorter than PVC, PVC resin as the main raw material, adding anti-aging agent, modification agent, mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other process from the raw material of the appropriate amount.Production of VIP and some will be used in our daily life all of the same material card.

PVC card: PVC material on the card.PVC material is qualitative light, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moistureproof, flame retardant, easy construction, etc.PVC material is a kind of plastic decorative materials.PVC is shorter than PVC, PVC resin as the main raw material, adding anti-aging agent, modification agent, mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other process from the raw material of the appropriate amount.Production of smart card is chosen to use visual environment protection and the effect of PVC material, as well as VIP and some will be used in our daily life all of the same material card.

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