High quality boy
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High quality boy

The Harvard Business Review: once gave this answer to the question of high quality boy.

Believe that such high quality boy, no girl will push him away.


Don’t tell everyone you are in trouble.

Think for yourself, but don’t speak first, before asking others for their opinion.

Don’t be nervous when you talk, or even when you walk.

Confidence is good, but don’t ignore anyone’s thoughts.


Think about the cause and effect of what happens around you.

For problems that are not done properly, we should explore their root causes.

Suggest ways to improve or optimize the way things are done.

Everything should be done in an orderly and well-ordered manner.


Don’t go back on your words and easily overturn what you have decided.

Hold on your point about the things when others are arguing about it.

When the overall mood is low, you should be optimistic and sunny.

When things are not going well, take a breath and look for a new breakthrough.


Don’t try to turn potential partners into adversaries or enemies.

Don’t haggle over every little mistake.

Do not have the arrogance of power and the prejudice of knowledge.

Share your personal learning and achievements with others.


Don’t say what you can’t do, just do it.

In examining any fault, begin with thyself or thyself.

After the event, first review the fault, and then list the credit.

Take responsibility for the loss.


Learn all aspects of knowledge, humbly observe the things around. Wide vision.

Know yourself and cultivate your own correct aesthetic perception.

Laugh at life. Be lazy. Develop healthy habits.

Don’t do anything blindly. Have goals.

The last one I think is self-control

A boy knows when should do what, know a thing should accomplish what level, words should say a few minutes, can control oneself of temper and desire, can grasp measure and measure, This is high quality boy.

High quality boy

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