Barcode Technology And RFID Technology
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Barcode Technology And RFID Technology Similarities And Differences

Barcode technology and RFID technology are two common technology in our life. Barcodes and RFID are everywhere you go. Now let me show you the similarities and differences between them.

One dimensional barcode and two dimensional barcode

Barcode Technology And RFID Technology


Barcodes are graphical representations of information that can be made into barcodes and then fed into a computer using the appropriate scanning device. Currently, one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode are common.

One dimensional barcode only expresses relevant information in one direction, but does not express any information in the vertical direction. One dimensional barcode is characterized by fast information input and low error rate. However, the data capacity of one-dimensional barcode is small, and the barcode cannot be read after it is damaged.

Two-dimensional barcodes store information in horizontal and vertical two-dimensional space. They record information by distributing black and white graphics on the plane according to certain rules with specific geometric shapes.

2D barcode is characterized by high information density and large capacity, which can not only prevent and correct errors, but also restore correct information even if part of the barcode is damaged. It is suitable for reading on a variety of reading devices.

RFID system work principle

RFID tags are divided into active and passive tags. Active tags are powered by batteries, and the reading distance between the reader and active tag can reach more than 10m, but the cost is high and the application is few. At present, passive labels are mostly used in practical applications. Energy is extracted from the electromagnetic field emitted by the reader to provide power. The reading distance between the reader and passive label is 1-10m(UHF), 1-10cm(HF).

Bar code technology VS RFID

  1. Barcode does not have read-write function, and information cannot be added to the printed barcode. RFID tags can be read and written, RFID readers can communicate information with tags, and modify the saved information within the scope of the tag design.
  2. The barcode reader needs to read the printed barcode at close range, and the barcode only supports close range reading. RFID tags support further reading distance, and RFID readers do not need RFID tags for close alignment reading.
  3. RFID tags are usually more robust than barcodes. But RFID tags are also much more expensive than  barcodes.

Barcode card technology and RFID technology is advanced technology.

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