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2019 CXJ Card Factory Holiday Notice for China Mid-Autumn Festival

Holiday Notice for China Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. All CXJ Card Factory staffs will have a 3-day holiday, from Sep 13th to Sep 15th, to enjoy their time with family and friends. We might not be able to reply your emails promptly. Sorry for all the inconveniences.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Chinese legends say that the moon is at its brightest and roundest on this day. Based on the Gregorian calendar, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will be held on September 13th. 

We celebrate this festival by eating Mooncake. Mooncakes are to Mid-Autumn Festival what mince pies are to Christmas. The seasonal round cakes traditionally have a sweet filling of lotus seed paste or red bean paste and often have one or more salted duck eggs in the center to represent the moon. This year Five kernel Mooncake has become a very hot issue in China, since a lot of people find it tastes very… weird.

Anyway, hope your dreams come true, and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  

Metallic brush craft
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Do You Know The Metallic Brush Craft?

Metallic brush craft is a metal working process. Under the action of an external force, the metal is forced through the mold, and the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed to obtain a cross-sectional area shape and size, so that it changes shape. A tool of size is called a wire drawing die. For example, in the cable industry, the 8mm copper rod is made of a copper large drawing machine, and the copper rod is drawn into a copper wire through a set of (5~8) drawing molds from large to small, such as 3.5mm, 2.0mm, and the like. Machining surface treatment: Wire drawing is a method in which the wire is reciprocated by drawing, and the surface of the work piece is rubbed back and forth to improve the surface smoothness of the work piece. The texture of the surface is linear. It can improve the surface quality and cover the surface with slight scratches.

In order to break through the designer’s restrictions on the use of decorative materials and meet more creative needs, in the new century, human beings affirm themselves and explore the unknown, develop and design a combination of knowledge and technology – Gold and silver brushed metal panels.

Metallic brush craft like regular option metallic gold  brush, metallic silver brush, Snowflake sand, sandblasting surface, It can fully reflect the heavy metal feeling that gold, silver, etc. are difficult to express in other sheet materials. Gold and silver are rich colors are symbols of identity and status.

The main metal materials used for gold and silver brushed metal plates can be divided into aluminum, copper and stainless steel. They are matte, mirror, three-dimensional, embossed and special with the texture, luster and characteristics of the original metal form. The veneer metal hollow surface is treated with a variety of different surfaces. According to the designer, it has a brilliant effect on different occasions.

The surface of the edited metal plate has the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, chemical resistance and anti-smoke. Appearance, due to the special bright surface of the product itself, in order to avoid tarnishing due to friction, it is recommended to apply to the horizontal surface with less friction, or the general vertical surface. In addition, this product is recommended to be used in a dry, or not often wet, moisture is not too heavy to maintain product stability. Metal surface drawing can well cover the mechanical marks and mold clamping defects in production.

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custom pvc badges
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Why Do Some People Like To Collect Custom PVC Badges

Custom PVC badges are like stamps.Each unique label may represent an era or a culture.Custom PVC badges are charming.

Last year, there was an exhibition in New York’s Washington square called “Images As Virus”, which was an exhibition of customized PVC badges of punk. This exhibition featured work by artists such As Barney Bubbles, Jamie Reid, Peter Fischli, Peter Saville, Malcolm Garrett and Linder Sterling.There are also The Buzzcocks, Ramones, Crass, Suicide, Joy Division, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Modern Lovers, Industrial Wombats, FAST Product, The Raincoats, Motorhead and other bands with rare original peripheral badges.

“I didn’t have any money to buy the records I wanted.One day I happened to see a Scars’ Adult – ery/Horror Show ‘single badge, as long as one yuan, from now on I fell in love with badges “Kevin Pedersen said.

Punk badge collectors don’t buy a bunch of mass-produced knockoffs.Printing, toning, batch Numbers, and laminated surfaces are not reproducible.

The punk badge has changed from an ornament pinned on clothes to a collection pursued by punk music enthusiasts. In my opinion, collecting badges have become a little ritual in life.Punk badge brings more fun and social opportunities to many people in its unique and cheap way. The punk culture it carries also represents the life attitude of collectors.

A small badge carries different memories and ages.CXJ Card Factory makes high quality custom PVC badges for you.If you need anything, please contact us.

Barcode Technology And RFID Technology
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Barcode Technology And RFID Technology Similarities And Differences

Barcode technology and RFID technology are two common technology in our life. Barcodes and RFID are everywhere you go. Now let me show you the similarities and differences between them.

One dimensional barcode and two dimensional barcode

Barcode Technology And RFID Technology


Barcodes are graphical representations of information that can be made into barcodes and then fed into a computer using the appropriate scanning device. Currently, one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode are common.

One dimensional barcode only expresses relevant information in one direction, but does not express any information in the vertical direction. One dimensional barcode is characterized by fast information input and low error rate. However, the data capacity of one-dimensional barcode is small, and the barcode cannot be read after it is damaged.

Two-dimensional barcodes store information in horizontal and vertical two-dimensional space. They record information by distributing black and white graphics on the plane according to certain rules with specific geometric shapes.

2D barcode is characterized by high information density and large capacity, which can not only prevent and correct errors, but also restore correct information even if part of the barcode is damaged. It is suitable for reading on a variety of reading devices.

RFID system work principle

RFID tags are divided into active and passive tags. Active tags are powered by batteries, and the reading distance between the reader and active tag can reach more than 10m, but the cost is high and the application is few. At present, passive labels are mostly used in practical applications. Energy is extracted from the electromagnetic field emitted by the reader to provide power. The reading distance between the reader and passive label is 1-10m(UHF), 1-10cm(HF).

Bar code technology VS RFID

  1. Barcode does not have read-write function, and information cannot be added to the printed barcode. RFID tags can be read and written, RFID readers can communicate information with tags, and modify the saved information within the scope of the tag design.
  2. The barcode reader needs to read the printed barcode at close range, and the barcode only supports close range reading. RFID tags support further reading distance, and RFID readers do not need RFID tags for close alignment reading.
  3. RFID tags are usually more robust than barcodes. But RFID tags are also much more expensive than  barcodes.

Barcode card technology and RFID technology is advanced technology.

CXJ is one of the leading suppliers of innovative RFID hardware products and is a specialized manufacturer of RFID based smart cards, pvc card etc customized card.

Please contact us or send your requirements by email if you are interested in RFID smart card.

QR code cards and bar code cards
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Cheap QR Code Cards And Bar Code Cards

QR code cards and Bar code cards are common in our lives. They can be seen in supermarkets, clothing stores or food stores.Although QR code cards and bar code cards are very cheap, they are very high technology.

Bar codes can speed up productivity and track product sources,

For example, the Tobacco Bureau uses bar codes to track the origin and basic information of cigarettes.Bar code output is very efficient, more than five times the keyboard.And the bar code can store a lot of information.Previously bar codes had to rely on a scanner scanning. And now all smart phones can scan.

The QR code is more powerful than the bar code, and can store up to four or five hundred Chinese characters, and can also store pictures.

They also have shortcomings, such as poor confidentiality, vulnerability, and work within the visible range. But these are irrelevant.The cost of bar code cards and QR code cards is extremely low, Make people’s lives more automated.

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Business card printing
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The quality of business card printing, paper selection is very important

Business cards printing paper classification

Business card printing can be divided into ordinary business card printing, special paper business card, high-grade paper business card, PVC business card printing.

Commonly used paper business card materials

Commonly used business card material includes coated paper, cloth pattern paper, antique paper, synthetic paper, PVC transparent paper, ice white paper and so on.

How to choose business card printing paper?

Large area of color block selection coated paper printing business cards.

Concise business card design scheme is especially suitable for special paper printing business card.

Cloth paper has fine lines, and the printing effect is generous.Cloth pattern paper can reflect solemn, generous effect.

PVC material includes non-transparent and transparent materials, non-transparent is suitable for gorgeous effect, and transparent PVC card reflects fashion.

We are CXJ card factory,We have 10 years of card printing experience.We have a large technical research and development team for your service, you can rest assured to choose us.


smart room cards instead of mechanical keys
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Why Hotels Use Smart Room Cards Instead Of Mechanical Keys Now?

Convenient and easy to manage

For the lodgers, it is easier to swipe the cards against the door than to pull out the keys and open the door.The electrical system in the room is controlled through the power collection settings, and the door cards become an optional power collection tool.

Mechanical keys can’t read any data, but I can use any room cards to read which room door I opened at which time.This is simply not possible with mechanical keys.

Smart room cards with low cost

As an enterprise, the cost is not limited to the mechanical keys and the room cards itself, and once the mechanical keys is lost, it must be replaced together with the door lock of the room.For the guests, the price of compensation is too high, and it is very troublesome for the hotel to change the lock, so the smart room cards instead of mechanical keys.

Safety problem

Why do hotels now use smart room cards instead of mechanical keys?In a hotel, people from different countries and nationalities will be received. Safety is always the focus of hotel work.Once the mechanical keys is lost, from the perspective of property security, the hotel must change the room for the guest, until the door lock is changed, the room can continue to be used for reception.

If the smart room cards are lost, the guest only needs to inform the front desk, and then the front desk will make a new room cards. All the previous room cards are invalid, so there is no need to worry about safety.

Smart room cards instead of mechanical keys are inevitable, is for the convenience of people’s life.However, there are also some boutique hotels, or some theme hotels,in order to reflect their own particularity, will use mechanical keys as the characteristics of the hotel to promote.

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porters in the Mountain City
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What Are Some Of The Lesser-Known Occupations In The World?

Chongqing, China, there is a special group of rural people who wear simple clothes and carry a stick in their hands.They are porters in the Mountain City.

porters in the Mountain City

The business scope of porters in the mountain city has big commodity, be like furniture home appliance, also have a few small vegetables that the citizen buys,the price also is shot casually, a few words will price finalize.The owner of goods led the way empty-handed, and they followed,carrying the goods.

porters in the Mountain City

Chongqing people are not afraid of them stealing things, they are honest and trustworthy, they have their own work ethic.They worked from the countryside to the city in their own hands, a stick and a pair of shoulders. Their hard work provided convenience for thousands of families.

In Chongqing, porters can be seen everywhere, the number is very large, there are three or four hundred thousand, ranging from teenagers to 50 or 60 years old.

Groups of porters could be seen at every stop of the bus.

However, with the progress of the times, there are many new industries, making people’s life more and more convenient. Now there is no porters in the Mountain City.

Everyone in the world has a different lifestyle, and they are probably happier than we are.

The porters in the Mountain City carry the heavy burden of the whole family with their thin shoulders and deserve to be respected.There are still many people who work hard in our lives, whether it’s the delivery man, the street cleaner, or the worker toiling in the hot sun, every occupation deserves respect.

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UV card printed
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Learning UV business card printed

UV card printed

Introduction of UV card

UV business card printed on the surface of the card UV varnish, UV can achieve bright, slightly convex. Especially when printed on a matte card, the card surface has two effects, that of gloss and matte.

 Features of UV business card printed

1) high-grade and beautiful;
2)There are layers, sharp contrast, part of the bright, convex feeling.

UV card technology

Can use PVC, ABS, PET, transparent material for the base material printing. Among them, PVC is the most commonly used card base material in China, which has the characteristics of waterproof, high printing brightness, long storage time, nondefilable and light proof. In addition to printing, you can also do the following process on the card base: magnetic stripe, bar code, inkjet code, scratch music, signature strip, embossing code, bronzing (silver), fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, microprinting anti-counterfeiting, and can be packaged on the card chip, can be divided into contact IC card and non-contact IC card.

Application fields of UV card printed: high-grade membership card, intelligent IC card, ID card, credit card, stored value card, telecom recharge card, shopping mall credit card, restaurant VIP card, entertainment industry membership card, travel ticket card, library card, etc.

About us

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3D card effect
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Amazing 3D Card Effect

What is the 3D card?

3D card is a new type of 3D image mode, which can show different images from different angles.Its readability is strong, propaganda function is magical.Different from printed CARDS, the visual effects of the CARDS can be stereoscopic or visual effects, which produce different images from different angles.It can combine 24-30 image files and use four-color printing to produce better animation effect and 3D card effect.

3D card effect

3D card effect

A series of images combined to show the product can highlight important objects.It can also create a dynamic effect, as seen in movies.

Product categories

3D card effects can be applied to the ruler, pen holder, notebook, bookmark, children’s education story card, children’s literacy card, folder, storage box, calendar.


Advertising promotional gifts, promotional gifts, students, office supplies.


Image content, size and style can be determined according to customer’s requirements. We will also put forward reasonable Suggestions according to customer’s product characteristics to produce products suitable for customers.

About us

Established in 1999, Shenzhen Chuangxin jia smart card co., Ltd was specialized in producing and marketing of pvc card and smart card.We have rich production card experience, you can rest assured to choose us.Get in touch now

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