QR code cards and bar code cards
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Cheap QR Code Cards And Bar Code Cards

QR code cards and Bar code cards are common in our lives. They can be seen in supermarkets, clothing stores or food stores.Although QR code cards and bar code cards are very cheap, they are very high technology.

Bar codes can speed up productivity and track product sources,

For example, the Tobacco Bureau uses bar codes to track the origin and basic information of cigarettes.Bar code output is very efficient, more than five times the keyboard.And the bar code can store a lot of information.Previously bar codes had to rely on a scanner scanning. And now all smart phones can scan.

The QR code is more powerful than the bar code, and can store up to four or five hundred Chinese characters, and can also store pictures.

They also have shortcomings, such as poor confidentiality, vulnerability, and work within the visible range. But these are irrelevant.The cost of bar code cards and QR code cards is extremely low, Make people’s lives more automated.

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Business card printing
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The quality of business card printing, paper selection is very important

Business cards printing paper classification

Business card printing can be divided into ordinary business card printing, special paper business card, high-grade paper business card, PVC business card printing.

Commonly used paper business card materials

Commonly used business card material includes coated paper, cloth pattern paper, antique paper, synthetic paper, PVC transparent paper, ice white paper and so on.

How to choose business card printing paper?

Large area of color block selection coated paper printing business cards.

Concise business card design scheme is especially suitable for special paper printing business card.

Cloth paper has fine lines, and the printing effect is generous.Cloth pattern paper can reflect solemn, generous effect.

PVC material includes non-transparent and transparent materials, non-transparent is suitable for gorgeous effect, and transparent PVC card reflects fashion.

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smart room cards instead of mechanical keys
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Why Hotels Use Smart Room Cards Instead Of Mechanical Keys Now?

Convenient and easy to manage

For the lodgers, it is easier to swipe the cards against the door than to pull out the keys and open the door.The electrical system in the room is controlled through the power collection settings, and the door cards become an optional power collection tool.

Mechanical keys can’t read any data, but I can use any room cards to read which room door I opened at which time.This is simply not possible with mechanical keys.

Smart room cards with low cost

As an enterprise, the cost is not limited to the mechanical keys and the room cards itself, and once the mechanical keys is lost, it must be replaced together with the door lock of the room.For the guests, the price of compensation is too high, and it is very troublesome for the hotel to change the lock, so the smart room cards instead of mechanical keys.

Safety problem

Why do hotels now use smart room cards instead of mechanical keys?In a hotel, people from different countries and nationalities will be received. Safety is always the focus of hotel work.Once the mechanical keys is lost, from the perspective of property security, the hotel must change the room for the guest, until the door lock is changed, the room can continue to be used for reception.

If the smart room cards are lost, the guest only needs to inform the front desk, and then the front desk will make a new room cards. All the previous room cards are invalid, so there is no need to worry about safety.

Smart room cards instead of mechanical keys are inevitable, is for the convenience of people’s life.However, there are also some boutique hotels, or some theme hotels,in order to reflect their own particularity, will use mechanical keys as the characteristics of the hotel to promote.

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porters in the Mountain City
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What Are Some Of The Lesser-Known Occupations In The World?

Chongqing, China, there is a special group of rural people who wear simple clothes and carry a stick in their hands.They are porters in the Mountain City.

porters in the Mountain City

The business scope of porters in the mountain city has big commodity, be like furniture home appliance, also have a few small vegetables that the citizen buys,the price also is shot casually, a few words will price finalize.The owner of goods led the way empty-handed, and they followed,carrying the goods.

porters in the Mountain City

Chongqing people are not afraid of them stealing things, they are honest and trustworthy, they have their own work ethic.They worked from the countryside to the city in their own hands, a stick and a pair of shoulders. Their hard work provided convenience for thousands of families.

In Chongqing, porters can be seen everywhere, the number is very large, there are three or four hundred thousand, ranging from teenagers to 50 or 60 years old.

Groups of porters could be seen at every stop of the bus.

However, with the progress of the times, there are many new industries, making people’s life more and more convenient. Now there is no porters in the Mountain City.

Everyone in the world has a different lifestyle, and they are probably happier than we are.

The porters in the Mountain City carry the heavy burden of the whole family with their thin shoulders and deserve to be respected.There are still many people who work hard in our lives, whether it’s the delivery man, the street cleaner, or the worker toiling in the hot sun, every occupation deserves respect.

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UV card printed
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Learning UV business card printed

UV card printed

Introduction of UV card

UV business card printed on the surface of the card UV varnish, UV can achieve bright, slightly convex. Especially when printed on a matte card, the card surface has two effects, that of gloss and matte.

 Features of UV business card printed

1) high-grade and beautiful;
2)There are layers, sharp contrast, part of the bright, convex feeling.

UV card technology

Can use PVC, ABS, PET, transparent material for the base material printing. Among them, PVC is the most commonly used card base material in China, which has the characteristics of waterproof, high printing brightness, long storage time, nondefilable and light proof. In addition to printing, you can also do the following process on the card base: magnetic stripe, bar code, inkjet code, scratch music, signature strip, embossing code, bronzing (silver), fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, microprinting anti-counterfeiting, and can be packaged on the card chip, can be divided into contact IC card and non-contact IC card.

Application fields of UV card printed: high-grade membership card, intelligent IC card, ID card, credit card, stored value card, telecom recharge card, shopping mall credit card, restaurant VIP card, entertainment industry membership card, travel ticket card, library card, etc.

About us

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3D card effect
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Amazing 3D Card Effect

What is the 3D card?

3D card is a new type of 3D image mode, which can show different images from different angles.Its readability is strong, propaganda function is magical.Different from printed CARDS, the visual effects of the CARDS can be stereoscopic or visual effects, which produce different images from different angles.It can combine 24-30 image files and use four-color printing to produce better animation effect and 3D card effect.

3D card effect

3D card effect

A series of images combined to show the product can highlight important objects.It can also create a dynamic effect, as seen in movies.

Product categories

3D card effects can be applied to the ruler, pen holder, notebook, bookmark, children’s education story card, children’s literacy card, folder, storage box, calendar.


Advertising promotional gifts, promotional gifts, students, office supplies.


Image content, size and style can be determined according to customer’s requirements. We will also put forward reasonable Suggestions according to customer’s product characteristics to produce products suitable for customers.

About us

Established in 1999, Shenzhen Chuangxin jia smart card co., Ltd was specialized in producing and marketing of pvc card and smart card.We have rich production card experience, you can rest assured to choose us.Get in touch now

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How To Be A Person Who Knows Life

Early to bed and early to rise, it’s really not that hard.

Keep reading and set quantitative tasks.

Drink a glass of water before you go to bed and before you wake up.

Before you go to bed, think about what else you haven’t done.

Make daily work plans, set goals and prioritize tasks.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Set aside 10 minutes each day for yourself to reflect on what you’ve done today and what you haven’t done well.

Invest in yourself and learn from great people. Make useful friends and be humble.

When you encounter problems, you must face them bravely.

Travel when you have time. It doesn’t have to be too far or expensive, just to be with someone you love.

On weekends, I have time to meet three or five friends and go out for coffee and dinner.

laser card
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What Is A Laser Card?

There are many processes for PVC cards.Many people ask what are laser cards?Now let me introduce the laser cards to you, hoping to help you know more about the laser card.

Laser card is comprised of transparent film layer, pattern printing layer, laser pattern layer.The intermediate layer of laser card contains chip layer, the upper and lower layers are transparent film layer.Pattern printing layer is located between the chip layer and the transparent film layer.Laser pattern layer is located between the chip layer and the pattern printing layer.The laser pattern will present the special reflected morphing pattern on the card with the change of Angle and light. So the laser pattern is an anodized layer

Laser cards are made of special PVC material, which is called laser PVC.Laser card is printed with laser PVC material and has the feeling of golden flash from different angles.Through special treatment, color printing to achieve partial or full plate laser effect, laser part gorgeous and colorful.

Card printing material is special laser PVC material, the color is colorful, high-grade gorgeous.It is the first choice to make high-end membership card and a VIP card.At the same time, we can also make an IC card or ID card according to the requirements.

Through the above study and understanding of laser cards, have you understood what is a laser card?If you want to make such a laser cards, you can contact us immediately.

many cards the same size
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Why Are Many Cards The Same Size?

Hospital diagnosis cards, ID cards, bank cards, membership cards, library cards, bus cards, etc. are stacked together and found to be many cards the same size. Why?

many cards the same size

many cards the same size makes it easy for you to put these things into the wallet instead of large and small round cards, square cards, trapezoid cards, and the wallet designer knows how fit the card is, making wallets and Card manufacturers only need to purchase a model.

This is of course the credit of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The international standard for bank cards, ID cards, and bus cards is called ISO7810 and is divided into ID-1, ID-2, ID-3, and ID-000.

PVC card size

The ID-1 standard is often used for bank cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc. Many merchants have introduced membership cards and loyalty cards with this size, which is convenient for customers to buy. ID-2 is slightly larger, and the French ID card uses this size. Some passports, visas, etc., which require clearer photos, often use ID-3 sizes. The shape of ID-000 has shown what it does.

PVC card size

These four sizes are close to the golden section and are the most beautiful rectangles.

Of course, not all cards are the same size, there are also 43% smaller mini cards and irregular shaped cards.

CXJ Card Factory customizes high quality PVC cards in a variety of shapes.

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Want To Print Custom Business Card? You Have To Know These First

Business cards are a must-have item for business people.print custom business card with a personal style that makes the other person impressed with you is an important means of building contacts and improving work performance.

However, many people don’t know much about business cards.

What materials are there for business cards?

What are the styles of printed business cards?

What should I do to print custom business card?

Read on

Business card size

Commonly used size in China:90×54mm

American common size:90×50mm

European common size:85×54mm

Standard folding card size:90×95mm

It can be a horizontal version or a vertical version.

If the width is a little narrower, then the business card will look very chic.

Selection of paper and printing process

1.Coated paper

The most common business card is 300 grams of coated paper, paper thickness of 32 microns, 300 grams of coated paper is also the most common business card paper.

coated paper


On the basis of ordinary coated paper, it is also possible to add a lamination printing process. The lamination can protect the graphic on the business card, make the business card more durable, and has a choice of light lamination and matte film.



3.The polish

If there is a higher demand for texture, you can add a “glazing” process, also known as UV printing, on the basis of coated paper, which is the way of UV glazing using UV ink or UV powder. Give the business card a raised gloss.It’s a low-key luxury with connotation~



If you want to be more high-end, you can also use the “gold-plated” process, the common is hot stamping, hot silver, hot laser. Absolutely make your business card extravagant.



The above describes the way of processing and printing on coated paper. Print custom business card, we also have PVC business cards and metal business cards

5.PVC card

The pvc business card is mainly made of a vinyl polymer material as a carrier, using screen printing technology, combined with hot aluminum and other processes to produce a special business card. It is translucent and very modern.

pvc buiness card

6.Metal business cards

Metal business card, generally refers to pure copper material, thin as paper, tough as steel, very flexible. There are many colors such as gold, silver, purple, blue, and brown. Looked very high-end.

Metal business card

Business cards are very formal. In the more solemn occasions, business cards are exchanged, showing respect for each other. In dealing with business, we must have a respectful attitude so that we can take our business to the next level.

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