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Are Plastic Luggage Tags Environmentally Friendly?

As plastic luggage tags are made of plastic, it is generally assumed that they are not environmentally friendly. They are only plastic strips with some holes punched in them, so why would anyone bother to recycle them?

However, there are reasons why plastic luggage tags should be recycled. For instance, plastic luggage tags have a unique identification number on them that can be used to contact the people who own the bags they are attached to if for any reason they do not arrive at their destination. If this number is removed from the plastic strip and recorded separately, then it cannot help identify lost baggage, rendering the entire purpose useless.

Another valid reason for recycling luggage tags is due to the fact that making ones requires additional resources such as water, plastic, and electricity. If plastic luggage tags are recycled then this process is not only more environmentally friendly but also cheaper as new plastic strips do not have to be made from scratch.

In conclusion, although plastic luggage tags are generally harmful to the environment due to their plastic composition, recycling them can be a good way of reducing the amount of plastic waste produced as well as making these plastic strips more useful. In addition, it is cheaper and easier on the environment if plastic luggage tags are recycled instead of being newly manufactured from raw materials. This means that recycling plastic luggage tags benefits both the planet and those who wish to use them for lost baggage identification purposes.

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