3D card effect
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Amazing 3D Card Effect

What is the 3D card?

3D card is a new type of 3D image mode, which can show different images from different angles.Its readability is strong, propaganda function is magical.Different from printed CARDS, the visual effects of the CARDS can be stereoscopic or visual effects, which produce different images from different angles.It can combine 24-30 image files and use four-color printing to produce better animation effect and 3D card effect.

3D card effect

3D card effect

A series of images combined to show the product can highlight important objects.It can also create a dynamic effect, as seen in movies.

Product categories

3D card effects can be applied to the ruler, pen holder, notebook, bookmark, children’s education story card, children’s literacy card, folder, storage box, calendar.


Advertising promotional gifts, promotional gifts, students, office supplies.


Image content, size and style can be determined according to customer’s requirements. We will also put forward reasonable Suggestions according to customer’s product characteristics to produce products suitable for customers.

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